Venomous Villains – SWATCH MANIA

Well dudes…
I looked WELL MENTAL today when I went down to my local MAC to check out the whole V/V collection and went on to swatch everything I could get my hands on, all the while taking photos with my iPhone!!!
Surprisingly nobody asked me what I was doing lol.
I might do this more often… makes for good blogging!
I really wanted to get some more swatches our for you guys that haven’t yet purchased or haven’t decided if you need some extra items from the collection.
So… this is what I got for you lovely lovely peeps 🙂
My local store is in Debenhams @ Meadowhall Sheffield FYI
Swatches of the 3 Cruella eyeshadows…
Swatches of the 3 Evil Queen eyeshadows…
On the the lip colours, you’ve already seen the nude but here you have it against the red and the glosses which seem to match the lipsticks for the Cruella collection.. 

Then the Evil queen…
I’ll admit “strange potion” did tempt me but I’m trying to be good… not spending SO much so I didn’t purchase, it’s a beautiful colour though..
Sinister is crazy sheer.. even built up it’s nowhere near the colour in the tube so don’t be put off by how dramatic it looks… it’s really not! Would look fab on darker skintones.

Next, Malificents collection… no single shadows here but a lot of sparkle…
The 3 swatches on the right are dark magic and the 2 on the left are she who dares. I obviously could only swatch dry and having seen other peoples reviews/hauls etc these shadows seem to give a lot better pay off when used wet so these may not be the ideal indicators for you but it was the best I could do… they were really shimmery but not for me..

The lipstick/gloss swatches from Malificent..
Violetta nearly had me but knowing I can purchase year round at pro.. it can wait!
These are the two polishes I purchased from the Malificent range… Bad Fairy is IMMENSE it absolutely is a must have, formidable and mean and green (not pictured) are so similar… but they were nowhere near as cool..
so many people have raved about mean and green but I think Bad Fairy is the best HANDS DOWN!
Below are swatched of the blushes/beauty powders..
The top 4…
Darkly My Dear, full on and blended out,
Bite of an apple.. the same
Below those are the beauty powders as dark as I could swatch… they aren’t quite pigmented enough to use as a blush (unless you were crazy pale) but they are too pigmented to use as an all over finishing powder for my liking… so I don’t really know how I feel about beauty powders..
I think next time I go in I’ll have  MAC peep explain them a little better to me…

Lastly is The Dr Falilier Stand..
This one interested me the least of all.. it had the fewest original items and I’m just not sure about the powder to liquid to powder “magically cool liquid powder”
I tried it on my hand… meh!
It’s another one I’m gonna need a demo before I’ll be convinced what purpose it has… I’m a matte girl.. don’t like too much shine… especially not on purpose!
This collection had a compact mirror which in my opinion should totally have been in with the evil queen!!!
“mirror, mirror” and all that… I mean PLEASE!!
what were they thinking??
The only thing that interested me from this collection was the lipgelee

The colour is “resort life” which has been previously released (again – this one didn’t have many original products!) I swatched it and it’s incredibly glittery. It’s literally like liquid glitter. Very difficult to show you on a swatch… if I can explain it.. when I tried to get this stuff off the back of my hand I got glitter EVERYWHERE!!! there was glitter all over my hands until after I’d showered and even then I had to scrub.
This is a really awesome product but you smudge it – you’re screwed my friend… that’s you glitter faced for the rest of the day/night! 
So… I think that might be it for my V/V blogs…
I doubt I’ll get much more in the way of swatched out to you…
I thought I did pretty well to get THIS many.
I May not be welcomed back to my local MAC concession so I hope you all appreciate the effort I went to for you guys, looking like a crazy swatcher person.
Luckily my boyfriend was with me and assisting with my picture taking and helping me look a little more normal… god bless him!
love V/V? Hate V/V?
leave me a comment
Love You Guys
Miss BB


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