Venomous Villains Swatches/Haul :)

Hey Guys!
This has got to be my most exciting beauty purchase to date!!!
(maybe even including the UD Naked Palette)
The Black Box arrived from MAC this afternoon and I almost jumped for joy!
It was a special moment when I opened it up to see the beautiful packaging…
First up the two lipsticks I picked up…

The nude I picked up from the Cruella DeVille collection
Innocence, Beware! 
It looks a lot pinker on my lips… very sheer and needs to be built up to get a really good colour but overall a very wearable nude for my NW20 colouring and I’m sure this one will get a lot of use! 
The next lippie is Toxic Tale from the Evil Queen Selection.. 
It’s a real corally/orangey red kinda colour.
Very vibrant and really pigmented, It’s a satin finish but is really kinda matte.
I’m pleased to report it’s stubborn, when I tried to wash off the swatches and my lips it really stuck,
It may become one of the more wearable brights in my collection if it has this kind of staying power 🙂 
Next up,
Nail Laquers…
This collection offered 3 new shades and I picked up my two faves..
They are fab glittery “duo-chromes” that almost change colour when seen in different light/at different angles..
The reddy/pinky colour is “Bad Fairy” and the darker Purply/Teal colour is “Formidable” 
Bad Fairy is my absolute ultimate favourite polish of ALL TIME!!!
It is an absolute must have peeps so you all need to rush out and buy this
The MAC website describes it as a red base with red multi-changing pearl
It’s so cute and not too dramatic
You could wear this every day and your nails wouldn’t look too dressy..

I really tried to get a good shot of how metallic/glittery it is but it was tough 🙁

The Formidable shade is cool but so not as good as Bad Fairy..
It’s a much less wearable shade for me,
quite dark and the teal/darker shades to it would put me off a bit
The effect is much the same and so cute with the whole light refelction/colour change deal but the colour is a bit “so what” for me… a little dissappointing but hey… you live you learn!

This one is again very glittery but not quite as WOW as Bad Fairy

Lastly (this should have been first)
The one and only thing I absolutely HAD TO HAVE from this collection!!
It’s from the Evil Queen collection and it’s a blush called “bite of an apple”

I wanted this SO bad when I saw the preview pictures like MONTHS AGO
This picture is deceptive because it’s SO much brighter than it seems..
It’s a lot closer to what it looks like in the above picture through the plastic.
It’s a cure kind of hot matte coral colour.

On the left is a swatch of the blush at its brightest
On the right is the blush blended out
It’s so versatile, I think this one would be great on most skin tones because it’s so blendable and so pigmented so it can pretty much be whatever you want it to be..
This is my favourite from The V/V Collection for sure!

My overall Thoughts…
I was SOOO excited as you all know, for this collection to launch.
In some ways I was a touch dissappointed.
The lippies were my first ever by MAC and I think maybe I expected too much… they weren’t a creamy formula as I’d hoped for but I think perhaps because of that they will have a much longer lasting effect so I’m hoping my opinion of the lipsticks will change!
The Formidable Nail Polish was raved about by those in the US that got it before us so I was looking forward to it but it’s just not really for me… I’ll stick with it and it might grow on me… I’ll keep you posted!
Lastly the packaging on the blush felt really cheap.
I compared it to my other MAC blushes and it was like half the weight and it just felt so plasticky and kind of “toy-like” if you understand?
I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but these blushes are slightly more expensive than the usual blushes… surely they should be of a slightly higher quality?
I love the blush colour, I love the lipstick colour, I LOVE the Bad Fairy Nail Laquer so overall I do still kind of ADORE the V/V but I have to be honest with you guys… I don’t spend big money on designer products and when I do I want to be WOWed and a couple of aspects about this collection were lacking. On eother thing was the Nail Laquers which were created specifically for the collection didn’t have V/V packaging… whaaa??? I get when They put in mascara, liner, brushes etc in with a launch they wont re-brand but if an item is new for the collection it should have the cute packaging so that kinda sucked…
I really buy into that stuff :p
I am blogging while my video uploads – it’s taking like 3 days as it’s supposedly in HD – We’ll see!
so I am readying the blog in advance… for those of you checking this out before the video is live… be on the lookout… it’s coming to a youtube near you very soon!!
Thanks for reading, share your VV excitement/reviews below
love you guys
miss bb

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