Very Exclusive / 30% OFF EVERYTHING

I really could not throw this post up any quicker if I tried, I just had a mad dash online when I got this email and picked up something I’ve wanted for literally YEARS but more recently have had my eye on at VE and have been praying for a sale to buy it!! There are very, very few exclusions brand wise, I think only Chanel & GHD (and all sale) I couldn’t believe Alexander Wang was included in the offer but IT WAS!! I’ve wanted the Rockie (I have the larger Rocco, a second hand purchase from eBay) for ages but it’s pricey so when I spotted the even smaller, mini version for £200 less I fixated on that as a cheaper alternative. I knew the mini was too small and I’d end up using it much less but the price difference kept pushing it to the forefront of my mind. The lovely Lindsey Kelk recently spotted it in store and sent me an enabling instagram knowing I liked it but it really did look tiny so I decided to hold out and maybe get the large size for my birthday in New York. I was only saying to Lee maybe 2 days ago that I was hoping for another big percentage off deal from Very Exclusive but that I suspected they’d done that at launch to garner interest and it wouldn’t happen again.. but here we are! I ended up getting the Rockie for the same price as the mini.. still expensive but you can’t argue with £200!! I will post pictures when it arrives but I wanted to get this up ASAP for those of you who like the odd designer item but also have an eye for a bargain..

SHOP HERE!! – friends and family discount code is – 6UHKD

Miss BB



  1. gill
    21 October, 2015 / 6:03 pm

    Just ordered a bag! thanks

  2. 21 October, 2015 / 9:35 pm

    I’ve wanted that bag for years! So jealous! xx

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