video research & hair care blah..

Hey there!

I’m browsing my huge stack of this months magazines for inspiration.. should i do fashion/makeup or just style for my next video? I need to upload this weeks TTC video too… but on the related video topic…. hmmm!
I love looking through articles/pictorials for ideas, I love the hair and makeup… I’ve always loved the idea of working for a magazine… it must be so much fun!
Also.. I’ve been experimenting with a new hair conditioner formula… I have a V05 frizz relief elixer in a spray bottle i’ve used like hald of, I’ve added some deep conditioner, argan oil and serum… shook it up and applied it to the end of my dry hair… i brushed it through and i’m waiting for it to sink in and dry now..
my ends are really brittle and breaking off i need to something about it… I’m coming to the conclusion it’s probably time for a hair cut.. it’s been such a long time since i went… like well over a year since it was cut.. it needs doing but I’m growing it 🙁
I guess in theory if I cut it now and then really deep condition it and try to look after it best I can then it should grow longer… as is I dont think it’s growing coz it’s just breaking off… i hate having my hair cut.. its like i’m starting over… arrgghh!

enough of that,
I’m gonna finish my magazine research and maybe start my style inspiration blog i said i was gonna put up.. ok ok ..
i’ll do that now

see YOU all later



miss bb


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