Vivo Colour Wash Gloss

I love being able to tell you can buy something for a pound and outside of MUA it doesn’t often happen but here is a pretty decent lipgloss for just change. I was a little disappointed by the quality of the eyeshadows from Vivo, given that MUA can make some fantastic ones for the same RRP the price really is no excuse so I wasn’t sure what I’d think of this but it’s actually very nice. It’s a basic gloss with as the name suggests a wash of colour and lots of shimmer. A little beauty bargain you can pick up while you’re food shopping but there’s not much else to say, it’s a little sticky but most glosses are and I’m not the words biggest fan of the squeezy applicator regardless of the brand but it’s nice and it wont go unused.

I love The shade I have is Let’s Go and available online here for £1.00

Miss BB

*PR Sample


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