VO5 Choppy Cream Wax

A few weeks ago I wrote about this range and promised to talk about each product individually, today it is the Choppy Cream Wax. This is probably the one I thought I’d use least and I’ve actually used it the most, not for perhaps it’s intended purpose but use is use right? I think this is designed for cropped, pixie styles as anything longer would be left looking slick and potentially greasy. It would be great to create texture and ruffle up a very short do by in my hair it’s a bit rubbish.. until I discovered another use! I wear my hair up a lot and I use this to smooth down all of those tufty flyaways I’ve had since my infamous post pregnancy hair loss.

It’s perfect! It slicks back those pesky bits and pieces but leaves a matte finish so I don’t look like I’ve plastered my hair with half a can of hair spray.I know it’s not what it’s meant for but if you have the same problem as me I’d recommend it for that use!

Available online for £3.89 here

Miss BB



  1. Kayleigh
    26 February, 2013 / 7:39 am

    My hair dresser recommended a similar cream wax from Aldi to do the exact same job, I use it when I’ve straightened my hair to keep the flyaways down.

  2. 2 March, 2013 / 2:22 pm

    My little one is 1 on thursday and my hair is still growing back. I lost loads at my temples and now they are little bits that pop out. Think I could do with some of this!

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