VO5 Dry Texturising Spray

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I posted on this collection last week with the promise of individual review to come, so here’s the first! This is one of the best hair styling products I have used.. maybe ever. It’s a little like a spray wax but the texture is totally dry so my freshly washed hair doesn’t suddenly look dirty or greasy. My hair naturally has a lot of volume but I ‘grew up’ in the age of Jennifer Anistons’ super straight locks and body was a no no, I’ve battled with my big roots for years and so now to be trying to add texture to my hair.. it feels weird! That being said I love the result and products such as these are a god send when I’m trying to avoid heat styling, they work with my natural wave and give me a kind of polished ‘bed head’. I’ve never had so many compliments on my hair as I did when I used this last week both in videos and at work, my hair looked longer and fuller and people loved it. The new generation is all about rocking what you’ve got, I only wish that had been the ethos when I was a kid.

My only issue with this is the salt.. I know that’s the magic ingredient but I do worry it may be drying out my hair. I have the shampoo and conditioner which I’m also using and I’m not sold that it’s the best idea to overload on this Texture range all at once. I think perhaps I will alternate a nourishing oil or moisturising shampoo to counteract the drying effect this may be having but if you know more about this leave me a comment. It’s always what’s put me off the salt sprays in the past but I wont stop using it in a hurry ’cause I love my new textured do!

Miss BB

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  1. I have just got this too!! Its amazing!! Love your blog!! If you have a sec check out mine? Thanks!! http://www.theprettybeautiful.blogspot.co.uk

    @fionabarbs x

  2. I bought this on your recommendation but can’t work out how to use it?! Don’t know if I’m spraying too much but definitely by evening my hair felt so gross and weighed down it just had to be tied up ):

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