VO5 – Instant Oomph Powder

Of this entire range this was the one thing I wasn’t that interested in trying. I’d heard not so great things about similar products from other brands and some down right horror stories of people attempting to wash out one of these powder type stylers and it turning in to a sticky, gluey mess.. I didn’t want that but I read the instructions and decided to give it a go.. for the sake of the review of course. I can tell you that washing it out was no problem at all but also that it did very little to ‘oomph’ my hair. I would say that for me, my dry shampoo gives my roots more volume and I used a fair bit more than was suggested on the bottle! Bit of a disappointment but I was ever so relieved not to be writing this with a shaved head having not been able to lather it away that i just can’t be too mad with it. I’d give it another go but right now i wouldn’t repurchase. It would do the job of Batiste in a pinch so perhaps it could be a good for the emergency hand bag kit!

Available online here for £4.07

Miss BB

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  1. Whatsonyourtulips
    22 February, 2013 / 6:24 pm

    I have this sat at the back of my draws not impressed with it either but thanks for the suggestion to just use it when the emergency strikes of running out of dry shampoo.


  2. 23 February, 2013 / 1:52 am

    I have and love the ones from Got2B. I have 2 different ones and the texture one is probably my favorite. When I actually do something to my hair, it takes it up massively in volume and makes it look like I’ve just went to get it done.

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