Voodoo Donuts & 4D Fun – Disney World Diary – Seven

Today’s Take-aways:

  • Universal could be our favourite park
  • 4D rides are the best
  • Packing to go home is the worst
  • Tiredness Kills.. vacation vibes

I feel like you can really see the tiredeness hit us through these daily updates. We’ve had less and less stamina and today, although we were out all day, it feels like we accomplished nothing.

We slept in a little and had breakfast in the apartment before heading out to Universal around 10am. I’d had some messages and emails that brought me back home with a thud before we left. We’re going home tomorrow and it was a little reminder that all of those little life stresses are waiting for me when we get there.

We couldn’t resist a Voodoo donut on the way to the entrance (there was no queue!) and I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable they were. Usually with these insta-phenomenons you pay a huge premium but I bought 3 massive donuts for under $7. It’s possible that my perspective is a little off after a week in Disney but that seemed like a good deal to me. FYI, they were nice but I wouldn’t stand in a crazy line for them.

We walked around the New York themed lot and rode Shrek 4D followed by Jimmy Fallon – on Emma’s recommendation. They are just so good at those rides! How they can make you feel like you’re flying through the air when you’re in theatre-style seating is beyond me. We bought some tokens for the arcade so that Milo could bring home yet more tat that he will cherish and got a slice of pizza (and a beer for Mama) at around midday. Now I’m reliving it, we ate a lot today.

We considered walking back across to Simpsons land but it was hot and we were pretty tired from yesterdays late night so we decided to do one final ride (Minions) and move on. Minions is another 4D ‘feels like a coaster’ attraction and I just cannot get enough. I’m sure I said it earlier in these update posts but if you’re in to the thrill with the safety of not actually going anywhere (like I am) it is just the best park you can visit.


Another aspect that I’m kind of torn by is the ‘no video/photography’ rule. The YouTuber in me hates it but when the rule isn’t super hard and fast or seems like it may not be enforced, I can’t not film and that can detract from my enjoyment a little. I have been 100% in the moment on these rides because I just didn’t have the option of capturing it for a vlog. Like I say.. I’m in two minds but I’m tempted to say it’s a good thing.

We had planned to go to Typhoon Lagoon again this afternoon but one of us (naming no names) forgot their suit so we decided to spend up in the outlets instead. I’m writing this just after midnight after finally cramming everything in to our cases (I swear, Ella has bought herself a whole new case worth of shoes and clothes!) and I am exhausted. I really want to go to Epcot in the morning. We have until maybe 1pm before we need to leave for the airport and Milo is desperate to go in the resort pool before we leave so between that and the $25 parking for just a few hours I fear we may not make it there.

It’s been an awesome holiday but I am ready to go home (not really, I’d  love to stay) for a break. It really does take it out of you and when you’re this tired it’s easy to snap at each other. I would love to paint a rosy picture of the perfect trip but I’d say that at least 25% of it has been sheer exhaustion. The kids have done really well to power through without any melt downs! I think I’m about ready for one myself so it’s probably time to shut this thing down and go to bed!

If you’re a vlog-viewer, I’d hoped to get a couple edited while I was here but these posts have taken more time than anticipated and the first few days back will be taken up by jet lag and work so bear with me. I’ll get to them as soon as I can.

Have I mentioned I’m tired?

*our Universal tickets were provided by Attraction Tickets Direct


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