Waving In A Winter Wonderland


 You may have noticed this snazzy styling tool in my recent hair tutorial videos – link – and I can see why it may have caught your eye, it’s not your average styler. My husband was a boy racer in another life and had a car with flip paint that resembled this so he was extra excited when he saw it on my dressing table. I haven’t  had a pair of GHDs for YEARS and must admit that in that time I’d decided they were no better than any other pair of straighteners I’ve tried and not worth the money but the pair I’d had were past their best when I eventually replaced them and it had been maybe 10 years since I had tried a brand new set.. so I guess I was too quick to judge.. because these are AWESOME!


They’re totally different now for one, they are rounded so that you can use them to curl/wave rather than just straighten, they beep when they’re hot (which is ridiculously fast – maybe 20 seconds – I’m sure it was a good 5 minutes with my old pair) and they come in a swanky heat protective case that doubles as a mat – ideal for travel or just storage. They also came with a shield that holds them closed and I’m assuming protects them but I’m fairly certain I threw that out with the packaging by accident – fail! I am yet to perfect a curl but they’re definitely getting me closer than any others I’ve tried – I’d given up until I got these and decided to give it another whirl – and they get my hair super straight, super fast.. what more could you want? Oh yeah.. funky wonderland paint! You can see them (briefly) in action in the video below..

I have to say there are other stylers that I love and cost next to nothing but since I received these I couldn’t be without them.. I don’t tend to straighten my hair often but when I do they’re my go to and if anything happened to them I would run out and buy another pair.

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  1. karina izod
    17 February, 2014 / 8:20 pm

    Ghds have done rounded stylers for a long long time mine are 8 years old and still going strong, they beep when heated too. Theyre great id never get any others, I think you end up spending less as they last so long!! Xx

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