Wedding Countdown – Beauty Bootcamp

Here’s a little peek at the beauty regime I have been following in the run up to the wedding. As you know it was all booked last minute and so I had little notice to start looking after myself but I’ve been using most of these things for around two weeks now. Some are part of my usual routine and others have been brought in to up the anti for my “beauty bootcamp” 
Facial Skincare
I now religiously use Liz Earles Hot Cloth cleanser with my Clarisonic mia every evening. I use the original hot cloth to remove my eye makeup and my mia to polish the rest of my face. I have a full “first thoughts” post on the Clarisonic here and although I still don’t feel like I’ve had it long enough to give it a proper review I can tell you that so far I LOVE it! It leaves my skin so soft and I honestly believe it’s shrinking my pores. After I’ve cleansed I use S&G’s Wish Upon A Jar which is sold as a 21 day collagen treatment to be used every three months but I’ve been using it off and on since I bought it and since the start of this month it’s been firmly in my every day routine. The best thing about this cream, other than it’s genuine magical powers, has to be that you can use your regular moisturiser on the top. I don’t tend to need that but as and when I get a breakout I can use my Clean and Clear dual action moisturiser to neutralise is. Although I find that my skin needs a little more moisture lately the Clean and Clear remains one of my all time favourite products.. you can watch my rave review here. Lastly I use Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on any super dry patches but more often, my lips. It’s officially winter out there now and for me this is a must have.

Other than my regular body lotion (Garnier 7 day Moisture – Shea Butter) I have been experimenting with the above two products over the past fortnight. The Loreal Cellulite gel is something I’m hanging a lot of hopes on because if it works it will be a staple in my bikini prep before we go to Vegas in March. My Wedding dress is short.. just above the knee and my pregnancy cellulite still lingers and is (no joke) also all the way to my knee so I’m doing the crazy lymphatic massage and all that jazz in the hope this will diminish it before the big day. Does it work, who knows? I’m not sure it would be feasible to gather accurate before and afters but I figure it only matters that you think it’s worked, right? As Gok would say.. “It’s all about the confidence!”
The Palmers Gradual tan is up for discussion. I used it last week in preparation for my hen do and loved the result but I’m not sure I want to be fake tanned, let alone risk it going wrong. Most of all I don’t want to make Lee look even paler beside me.. he’s practically translucent as it is!!

Teeth Whitening
Very briefly.. I know this works, You can see my review and results in this post. I only started using them on Monday night so I’m not sure what effect they’ll have in 5 days but it’s another last minute attempt at improving my overall appearance. I have pretty yellow teeth and always have, I don’t drink coffee of red wine I’m not a smoker, there’s no rhyme or reason but I’ve never had white teeth so anything that can help is something I’m willing to try.

I’m going to do a comprehensive current haircare post very soon because I’ve found my perfect products but this masque is one thing I’ve recently added to the mix that I am totally in love with. It advises to use it a maximum of twice a week but having read and watched reviews I know that some people use it in place of their regular conditioner on a daily basis. I’m sticking to the recommended usage for two reasons, 1. I add macadamia healing oil to my regular conditioner every time I wash my hair anyway and 2. it’s not cheap! I can’t afford to use this as a conditioner!!! It does leave my hair soft, shiny and manageable and I will be using this the night before the wedding to give my hair an extra bridal-worthy gleam.
Phew.. that was a longer post than I anticipated and it’s very much my bedtime now but I hope you enjoyed it and can get some tips for your own “beauty bootcamp”… whatever the event.
Miss BB


  1. 25 January, 2012 / 11:35 am

    All the products which you are introduced in this post are new. how they are working? beauty products

  2. 25 January, 2012 / 12:45 pm

    really want to try those crest white strips, im the same, i dont have stained teeth, but i want them American CHeerleader white. great bootcamp. always good to stick to what you knwo, thatv way you get the results you know. good luck!

  3. 15 February, 2012 / 11:54 pm

    Hi, Love your videos and yuor blogposts.. I'm almost 24 (3 days to go) and I also cannot diet and I definitely prefer exercising instead of a diet. I used to love coke, I really did, but I decided to stop with it and start drinking natural juices and stuff like that. I also started to drink a lot of green tea. I don’t’ want to sound like a bad advertisement for coke but since I stopped it my skin improved and most important several months later my cellulite started to disappear and I know it’s from the coke since I haven’t changed anything else. I think it’s worth trying.
    Wish you all good things.

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