Wedding Dress Stress

Choosing your wedding dress should be something you only do once right? In my case.. no!
The first time around I had a big wedding but I didn’t want to go for the big dress.
I had a lovely floor length ivory evening dress but it was no meringue.
This time around I just don’t know what to wear!!!
It will be just the two of us and a very informal setting, I’ve even considered wearing jeans and tshirt.
I guess I’ll hold on to the photos forever though so I need to put a little more thought in!
The two dresses below are my two choices right now, the first I recently bought from Next, thought it looked kinda cute and would work if I happened to fall pregnant before the big day…
The second is one I had a go at making myself, a retro number, but I don’t know if it’s nice enough for the day… It’s not very wellmade… I’m barely a novice with a sewing machine lol.
On the jeans front I considered buying a really nice pair of white ones and embellishing the back pockets with my new initials…
I could spring for some designer shoes to “special up” the outfit lol
My next decision is hair and makeup but not until I’ve decided on the dress…
I’m swaying towards the cream flowy number myself but I’d love your opinions
miss bb


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