Weekly Wind Down 1.2

Well whaddayaknow.. I’m back!

I’ve actually decided to make notes throughout the week of topics to touch on in these wind downs (in the same way I note down favourites for month end videos) because my Sunday.. who can remember Monday?

Number one, I finished ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama and cannot recommend it enough. She details her life both before and during her time in The Whitehouse and it was both incredibly moving and surprisingly candid. I’m an audiobook fan and it’s 18hours long but I may commit to a re-listen in the not too distant future because I know I would get more from a second go and it felt/feels so worth my time.

On a more vapid note, I had my eyebrows topped up. I first had them microbladed 18 months ago and I realise now that I’ve totally taken for granted the defined arches I now wake up with. It’s painful and the healing process isn’t pretty but withing a couple of weeks I have fuss free brows that need no attention and make me feel more put together when I’m makeup free. My one note would be, if you’re a perfectionist who will obsess over them being not 100% as you’d do them yourself, this may not be for you. Or at least, be prepared to do your research and pay through the nose. I found a local technician and I’m happy with mine but I was never an ‘insta brow’ girl.. worth mentioning!


I promised last week that I’d go over some makeup items that have made it in to my rotation so here we go:

I bought it last summer (along with the hit concealer which I haven’t found my groove with yet) and the colour didn’t match so I really only started using it recently and I’m really enjoying it. I wear it sheer (just a little, buffed out with a large brush) and it lasts well on my oily(ish) skin.

If you like a wash of colour type blush then this will be right up your street. I love the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush but have a hard time with the packaging. This is more expensive but the whole thing is much easier to use and I get that same sheer glow of colour that gives me the ‘pinched’ look I love at this time of year.

It deserves ALL the hype. I had a mini sample size of this and decided to pick one up for a friend who’s partial to filler as part of her Christmas gift. I couldn’t not buy one for myself too and so here we are. I now have a very expensive lip gloss addiction. I was wearing it in my Instagram Stories the other day and someone said they thought I’d had them ‘done’ so – if that isn’t an endorsement..


Tomorrow is our 7 year anniversary! I have made no secret of the fact we’ve had our ups and downs in the past few years so I feel extra inclined to celebrate the milestone. It’s easy to scroll through your social timelines and see snapshots of relationships that make your own feel somehow less than. We’ve hit peak ‘ real parenting’ and I’d very much like for ‘real marriages’ to be next. It’s easy to cut and run and I see messages constantly that reaffirm how love should be but you know your love better than anyone and, if you want to keep it, you have to weather the storms.

We visited out favourite ‘local’ hotel, Rudding Park for the occasion and didn’t leave. We ordered room service, ate an amazing dinner in the restaurant, had too many cosmopolitans and soaked in the roll top bath before having to return to real life yesterday afternoon. If you can find a deal, go!

Lastly, I took a bunch of ‘assumptions about me’ from instagram and filmed a video responding to them on Friday. It was interesting to know how I come across to different people and the things that otherwise too polite viewers wouldn’t dream of asking me. Mostly it was money – I’m in lots of debt or earn a bundle, there were lost of assumptions about my not being a natural mother (huh!) and then obviously things about living with my parents etc. I’m starting to wonder if some think I spent my way in to bankruptcy and had to buy a house with my folks, haha!

It’s totally natural to assume, though, so it was a fun video to make and if you want to know a little more about me or maybe just get a giggle from some of the more outlandish guesses – check it out here.

That’s in for this week, I have some fun reviews coming up for you this week – couldn’t resist using the fabulous bathroom in the hotel as my testing ground – so keep your eyes peeled!



  1. Rebecca
    30 January, 2019 / 7:35 pm

    I have been married 4 years and together 7 years. Its been a rollercoaster with some years being alot more lows then highs. To the point its a struggle to remember the highs. However i married my husband for a reason and thats because he is my best friend and can make me laugh in my darkest times. He is more then worth getting through the bad times even if i don’t admit it much. Im all for real marriage talk because its bloody hard to have a happy marriage. And i mean truely happy not glossed over happy!

    • missbudgetbeauty
      1 February, 2019 / 11:37 am

      Asolutely! Something I always try to remember is how many fights I would have with my best girl friends if we lived together 24/7
      It’s so easy to pack up and leave but it’s worth fighting for something worth having

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