Weekly Wind Down 2.2

I made some notes at the start of the week of things that were happening to cover in todays post and I legitimately forgot, as I sit down to write this, that it was my birthday.

It came and went with so little fuss and my book arriving totally eclipsed any excitement I may have had. May have been my most low key birthday to date but, I’m 33 so.. that’s something that happened. To celebrate we went to london on Friday to see Waitress. It was AMAZING! We got tickets for the very first preview and Sara Bareilles came out beforehand to introduce the show and then did a little Q&A and impromptu song afterwards. I cannot overstate how great this musical is and if you can go and see it with the current cast, DO! I know I’ll be trying to get tickets again before they move on.

I’ve been making a start on our holiday planning. We’re going to LA and Vegas in April and I want to see as much as possible in the short time we have so (as always) I’m working on an itinerary. I’m also working on a packing list, both of which I may share as I go because I’m doing things a little differently this time and it may be of interest for you overshoppers out there! If you’ve visited LA and have any favourite spots, let me know. I’ve been a couple of times but only flying visits so I haven’t seen much beyond the basics.

I totally forgot to tell you we’d watched ALL of Russian Doll last week and that you HAVE to add it to your watch list! I don’t think that Lee and I have ever binged an entire series in one night together (I have done this many times alone) but we couldn’t stop, such a good show. Somewhere between Groundhog Day and Sliding Doors with an edgy twist and an all female writing team behind it.

I finished Jane Fond’s Book ‘My Life So Far’ and was bowled over by what I didn’t know about her. A fascinating story with a lot of insight in to the Vietnam War for those of us who know little to nothing about it. I always wondered why she seemed so polarising to people and now I know her activist side, it makes a lot of sense. I’m considering taking up her exercise program ahead of the holiday now, apparently it was the best selling video of ALL TIME! Might be worth a shot!

I’ve been watching This Is Us again from the start while I wait for series 3. I’m trying to get Lee into it but it’s not happening. He thinks that (as with Grey’s Anatomy etc) it’s kind of like sadness porn. He can’t understand why someone who cries as easily as I do wants to watch something so emotional but I’m sure I’m not alone in this hobby!?

Lastly, Milo has got me entirely hooked on Clash Of Clans. I tell you this because I’m dashing this off quickly so I can get back to it.. it has a hold on me. Don’t download it.

See you next week!


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