Weekly Wind Down 6.1 – The PR Sample Debate

It’s been a minute since I did a wind down but I am ON ONE this week and felt like maybe we needed a debrief.

So first thing’s first, I posted this video and asked for opinions on advertising and product gifting in the YouTube space and the subsequent discussion took up a large part of my week. A couple of people switched me on to JamBeauty89 who recently decided to stop receiving PR and I spent the remainder of my week bingeing her videos, feeling like I’d found an American sister.

Everything she said about the overwhelming nature of receiving products to review is dead on. I don’t receive all that much anymore – since I didn’t update everyone when we moved in 2016 – but back in our first house it was insane. It gets to be where there’s a constant knot in your stomach because there’s always extra clutter and your to do list is growing faster than you can tick it off.

Beyond that, I know my content is impacted by what I’m receiving, even when I’m entirely honest in my reviews, the brand put the product in my hand where it perhaps would not have been otherwise. It’s stopped me from shopping organically in some cases and I’m currently mulling over a few options as to how I can deal with that. In the meantime I’m cutting back on all featured PR on my channel. It’s useful for swatches etc here on my blog but I’m going to be more mindful of what I share/recommend moving forward – outside of single reviews.

While I was on a Jam Beauty kick I watched her recent Fab Fit Fun unboxing and remembered I’d read somewhere that it was coming to the UK. Well it’s not technically here, but it’s shipping to us from the US now and after she explained the process of choosing the items and the box being custom to you as well as good value for money, I pulled the trigger. It was a moment of weakness (It’s £50 4x a year) but I’m so excited to share it when it arrives. If you’re considering giving it a go you can get $10 off if you go through this link (I also get money off too when you do – full disclosure)

I’ve been in a really productive mindset since I read this post about batching work too. I was already in that zone but I saw it on Monday and I’m now a full week ahead with so much content coming up, you’d think it was 2010! Something clicked this week and I’m just feeling so different, so positive. I can’t explain what or why but I’m grateful and sending out all of the positive law-of-attraction-vibes to allow it to continue.

Maybe it’s cause the sun is out? How was your week?


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