Weekly Wind Down

Since I’ve finally found my motivation again this week I thought I’d kick off a weekly Sunday series to keep me committed. Historically, I’m not always great at sticking to this kind of thing so if you enjoy the post/the general concept then feel free to hold me accountable on social this time next week!

First things first, I’m listening to Michelle Obama’s book ‘Becoming’ on audible and it. is. amazing.

It’s 18 hours long so I’m only halfway through and at this point they’ve just moved in to the white house but it’s an incredible story so far. I didn’t really follow American politics until Trump so I’ve been catching up over the past two years and this has given me an in-depth insight (albeit biased) to the previous 8 years and it’s only serving to make me love the iconic couple more.

Last week I listened to Nora Ephron ‘Heartburn’ and (as an Ephron movie fan) that knocked my socks off. Meryl Streep narrates a novelisation of Nora’s real life break up after discovering her husband’s affair while 7 months pregnant with her second child. I went on to watch the movie (made due to the book’s success) and it’s a big fat disappointment compared to the written original – don’t bother.

Grace & Frankie season 5 was out on Friday and I breezed through it in a day – a mistake because now I’m sad. If you haven’t watched the show, it’s the story of two men leaving their (very different) wives to be together and the odd-couple friendship of the women left behind. It’s got a cosy beach feel and when we visit California in April, I am desperate to visit the house from the show!

Also wearing my Selfish Mother jumper (I’ve wanted one of these for so long and so I jumped at their sale this week!)

I’ve been testing out this gift set from Glam Glow and it’s (amazingly) still on offer from a couple of different retailers – Feel UniqueBootsDebenhams. A full size clearing mask and 2 smaller Gravity Mud (my fave!) tubes for £28!! Such a steal that I’m considering buying another while it’s still available. Especially since one of the gravity muds is GLITTERY! I mean.. it’s just more fun!

I finally kicked my cold but have been trying to keep up with my water intake (which went through the roof while I was ill) and having picked up a few large bottles, it’s easier than I imagined. I’m trialling a skin supplement so it’s hard to tell what’s helping more but my skin is clearer, smoother and I’m just feeling better than I usually do. Again.. I’ve been ill for weeks so it’s tough to tell but I’ll take it either way.

Finally, we’ve booked a night away for our anniversary next week at our very favourite hotel. It’s too expensive under normal circumstances but we found a great (half price!) deal and are so excited to be taking a half day off and driving down on Friday. Feels extra special to be taking a week day off to do it because we’ll still have our weekend when we get back. All hail parents who are happy to babysit/ferry the kids around in our absence.

Since I’ve barely been wearing makeup recently (I was just too bleugh) I don’t have much to share on that front but I already know I’ll have some beauty bits for next week.. I’ve been reorganising things today and have rediscovered several old favourites I’d totally forgotten about.

So that’s it for this week.. what were your highlights?



  1. Grace
    21 January, 2019 / 5:46 pm

    Hey love the post – I tried finding the Nancy Meyers audio book Heartburn but I found the Nora Ephron book – is this the same version you mention above? Anything with Streep narration is a winner for me!

    • missbudgetbeauty
      21 January, 2019 / 6:18 pm

      Grace, you are absolutely right! I completely got that wrong. Nora Ephron. FAB book!

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