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Following on from my previous weight related post I wanted to talk about diet. Today is ‘day one’ for me so I’m at that excited to get slim and interested in healthy foods stage..that wont last. I went food shopping this morning and my mother would drop dead if she saw what I bought… a watermelon!! I don’t even know how to cut open a watermelon lol. My diet has always been unhealthy but even if I wasn’t looking to lose weight right now it’s catching up with me and changes need to be made. I feel pretty much lousy all the time, it’s like living with constant indigestion, bloating and just a general feeling of eugh.

With this (and the slim down) in mind I’m looking to switch up my diet and job one is adding in anything green. It’s embarrassing to admit how few fruits and veg make it in to my meals each week but that’s why I feel it’s going to make the biggest impact. The next big change will have to be carbs. I could happily eat pasta 3 times a day for the rest of my life and I know that does nothing good for me, I almost feel bad as I’m eating it but it’s my comfort food and the worse I feel the more I need that. Speaking of 3 meals a day… that needs regulating too. I must eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at regular times with optional healthy snacks available if I’m hungry. As is I will eat a big meal around 10am that will do for breakfast and lunch because I don’t have time to cook twice and it usually falls around Milo’s nap time. Today I made the effort (oh big effort, right?) to eat cereal as soon as I got up and when the munchies kicked in around 10 I went for a walk. This coincided with Milo’s nap and as I type this I’m snacking on a celery stick which is not as punishing as you might think.. I’ve always liked celery. I will try to get in lunch before I pick up Ella from school but the main problem meal is dinner. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to sit down for a civilized meal with a very chatty 6 year old and a squirmy toddler but it’s not easy. Dinner time is either rushed in front of the tv with a plate in one hand and Milo in another or it’s left until the kids are in bed which surveys say.. is too late for your evening meal.

Ideally I want to eat my last meal before 7pm. That should be achievable if Milo has his bottle at 6.30 while I’m cooking. I also want to sit at the table to eat it.. ‘they’ say you’re more conscious of what you’re eating when you’re not distracted by the tv.. let’s face it we’ve all eaten a few more slices of pizza than we realised while engrossed in our favourite show and we’re not as aware when we are full. Lastly while we’re on the topic.. stop eating when you’re full! Portion sizes and knowing when I’d had enough was always what kept me slim.. I ate what I want but only as much as I needed and over the past 5 years I’ve gone from now being able to finish a medium meal from McDonalds to still feeling hungry after a large. It will take some time to break that habit but a portion that was enough for me then is still enough for me now.. it’s all in my mind.

I’m still undecided as to whether I will use a meal planner or calorie counter to help me (like the one featured above from myspecialk.co.uk) but I will record my meals and share them with you in a week along with a ‘weigh in’. My next post will feature the exercise I have done, plan to do and what’s worked for me in the past so any suggestions or recommendation you’d like to see featured, let me know. I got some great feedback from my ‘bikini ready’ post and I intend to compile your comments in to a bit of a ‘public opinion’ feature very soon.

The most important thing for me is finding something that’s not difficult to keep up. I’m a quitter by nature and if it’s hard I wont do it for long. Diet-wise I learned a lot the last time I tried it and definitely re-evaluated portion control and calorie content so I’m hoping to build on that and learn some easy vegetable inclusive recipe’s that the whole family will eat.

Miss BB



  1. 27 June, 2012 / 4:04 pm

    I would highly recommend going down the weight watchers route! I absolutely love the ‘point free’ days and they really work very well. You can have your pasta, potatoes etc on these point free days and i don’t feel deprived. Should you want more info on it feel free to contact me

    • missbudgetbeauty
      27 June, 2012 / 4:40 pm

      to be honest I kind of always assumed you needed to have a a lot of weight to lose to join a class like that but I’d definitely be interested in something like slimming world or weight watchers because of the points deal. In fairness when you’re counting calories you can have anything you like in moderation but I couldn’t cut something like pasta out altogether.. like you say I’d feel totally deprived

      • 27 June, 2012 / 8:00 pm

        nah you really don’t have to have a lot of weight to loose to join – it really is about healthy choices as well etc. I wanted to loose about a stone and have around 12lbs of that off now so just a few to go. I didn’t ‘need’ to loose a stone either, i still fall within what is healthy for my height with the stone & without it but I feel better in myself now having it off iykwim.

        i find now that i know what i can have on the point free days that are ‘point free’ then i can stick quick easily to it and still have a ‘treat’ or point item every evening and still loose a good 2 lbs a week.

        That’s the thing i like about weigh watchers, nothing is off limits you can still have everything but then in moderation…

        Really love the idea of us being able to follow your progress on this & will help keep me on track as well 🙂

  2. Natasha
    27 June, 2012 / 5:29 pm

    I would really recommend weight watchers, I’m a very ‘obese’ teenager with a lot of weight to loose and I’ve tried every diet under the sun but since I’ve been doing weight watchers the weight has started to drop off 🙂

  3. 27 June, 2012 / 5:58 pm

    I started last week and it’s going really well. I’ve joined a site called weight loss resources and it’s fab! I also joined the gym so have started going and am aiming for 3 times a week….can’t wait to see how we get on! x

    • missbudgetbeauty
      29 June, 2012 / 7:26 pm

      hmm will have to look that up.. I’m loving the myfitnesspal app.. soo easy to track what I’m eating and when I enter ‘done’ at the end of the day it tells me how log it would take me to reach my goal if I ate like that everyday.. very motivating! I really don’t have time for the gym but plan to get back walking like I did before vegas with Milo and considering taking up tuesday zumba again!

  4. Emily
    27 June, 2012 / 6:12 pm

    One thing I really learned with my current weight/ getting into shape is just being knowledgeable about what I drink. I love my glass of wine with dinner or my pint of beer, but after looking up how much each is…I settle foe a glass or two only on weekends. What also helped was having yogurts ready and at hand (especially the 90 calorie ones) It helped with my digestion and kept me rather full. Be careful with “whole wheat” breads or other “multigrain” breads because they often have much more sugar than even white bread because they add sugar or honey to make consumers like the taste. Sorry to throw a lot at you at a time, best of luck to you! 🙂

    • missbudgetbeauty
      29 June, 2012 / 7:24 pm

      haha no not at all.. every little bit of information helps! I generally don’t drink when I’m trying to cut back but there’s half a bottle of wine in the fridge and it’s saying ‘c’mon.. it’s friday!!’ lol. It’s also my brothers 21st birthday tomorrow so that will be a toughie but I’m gonna try and stick to gin and slimline tonic (less than 60cals) if I can.. maybe a wedge of lemon at a push! I really don’t eat much bread my carbs are pasta pasta pasta and it’s such a hard vice to give up but in the last 3 days I’ve only had one very small portion so so far so good x

  5. 27 June, 2012 / 6:59 pm

    i really enjoyed this post, i struggled with three meals and the better half use to tell me off, so now i use myfitnesspal app not to loose weight as such but to maintain a better eating routine, along with a healthy attitude to food, i lapse out alot, but i feel a heck of a lot better.So very good luck!! 🙂 xxxx

  6. 28 June, 2012 / 1:18 pm

    Well your ‘bikini’ post spurred me on to get my arse into gear, and started (without going to a group) Slimming World again on Monday! I’ve lost 5st with them in the past so know it works – well, works until you stop doing it LOL, then it goes back on!! Good luck x

    • missbudgetbeauty
      29 June, 2012 / 7:20 pm

      Touch wood once I take weight off it stays that way but I’d like to generally improve my diet so it’s more of a lifestyle change if anything. Last time I did it I saw results straight away so 3 days in with no loss is a little disheartening but thus far I’ve not felt too deprived so a) I’m probably not trying as hard and b) I can keep this up for longer!

  7. Rachel
    28 June, 2012 / 10:23 pm

    Hey just wanna say how much im enjoyin readin ur posts.
    Im in the same boat as u at the mo. My little man was born on the 20th october so just a bit older than ur little 1 and im still strugglin to get rid of my left over baby belly. Like u i dont wanna look good for havin had a baby. High five to u for posin in ur bikini, i wanted to do before pics but the thought of standin there in just a 2 piece gives me shivers lol.
    I think im gonna join u on ur gettin healthy journey and look forward to any tips (especially 1s that can stop me devourin so much chocolate ha) Good luck x x x

    • missbudgetbeauty
      29 June, 2012 / 7:14 pm

      thank you! They’re as much for me as anyone else as I am a total quitter when it comes to.. well anything really. Trust me I got Lee to take straight on before pictures as well and they spurred me on more than anything to shift some timber. I know I’m not fat but over the past 10 years I’ve slowly put on more than 2 stone and I’d like to only keep one of them! I’d strongly recommend you look at the myfitnesspal app (there’s a website too if you don’t have that kind of phone) .. I consider my choices more when I’m calorie counting and although I never deny myself anything I really want I weigh up how much I REALLY want something before I eat it. As an example.. I could have a big meal or I could have one bar of chocolate. When you’re trying not to eat as much you want to feel full more than you want that sweet hit. I do allow myself treats I’m just careful. Half or even a quarter of that chocolate bar will satsfy the craving just the same as the whole thing will! Let me know how you get on x


      McDonalds is the worst.. I’m still hungry an hour later and it’s taken up a days calorie intake 😮

  8. Rachel
    29 June, 2012 / 10:56 pm

    Maybe I should get my other half to take bikini shots of me then, see if they spur me on because nothing else seems to. Going food shopping tomorrow so im going to try and stock up with all healthy things. We rnt great at eating veg in our house so i need to try and work on that. I did have the myfitness app but i got rid of it cos i wasnt using it enough, maybe ill get it back though. I was doing really well with the not eating chocolate and then my parents return from holiday with a big slab of it each for me and the other half. Will hav to try hard to ration it to last me a while. Im back in work monday (unfortunately) so at least i wont b home snackin non stop. x x x

    • Rachel
      29 June, 2012 / 10:56 pm

      ps my computer doesnt seem to like ur new page 🙁 x x x

  9. 30 June, 2012 / 7:40 am

    I recently used the Special K website diet plan and I would really recommend it. It had so many more features than I first thought and the ease you can customise meals to your mood and get shopping lists etc as well as a fitness regime for free was so good! Good luck for your healthy eating, I find it difficult too but it’s ok once you get going. If you make yourself do something daily like the diet or exercise, after 3 weeks it becomes a natural habit and so it won’t seem so hard 🙂 xxx


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