11/02 – Welcome Back!

You may or may not have realised that my site was down for most of last night and today, very frustrating and given that Monday is my set “blogging day” it also means that my posts will be fewer this week. Rest assured however, I will be here with my inane daily updates so even if I have nothing relevant to talk about.. I’ll still talk!

I actually rearranged my wardrobe and beauty storage today (I had a lot of time in my hands) so I may just show you a little if that tomorrow but for those who’ve been tweeting me about my server issues.. Welcome Back!

Miss BB



  1. Wendy Crimmins
    12 March, 2013 / 12:30 am

    Missed you – you are currently my bed time reading, a nice break away from essay writing and the sorts 🙂 xxx

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