Weleda Regenerating Body Oil

I got thisa few months ago in my Glossybox and have just used it all up. I must say I wasn’t expecting much but it really went a long way. It’s kind of herbal in scent which I wasn’t uber keen on but it left me feeling moisturised for longer than your average baby oil or equivalent. Being pregnant I’ve become a touch obsessed with all things oil and so this came at just the right time for me to enjoy it. It directs you to use it on wet skin to lock in that extra moisture and I think that’s why it lasted me so long.. it was almost diluted. It claims to promote the renewal of ageing or tired skin to leave it more elastic, smooth and supple. Overall It’s a nice product, I didn’t see any lasting difference in my skin or any major improvements so I’m still of the belief that a body oil is a body oil wherever it may be from but if you have particularly dry skin and a larger budget than I then I would recommend it as it does hold moisture that bit longer.
You can buy this from Weleda.co.uk here for £19.95
A few of you have asked recently where my pregnancy blog went… well I changed the name. I figured as he’s soon to be here and no longer a bump “missbbsbabybump” wasn’t really going to cut it much longer. I changed it to missbudgetbaby but am very much open to other suggestions as I’m not 100% happy with that one.


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