What I Ate Week #1

girl-thing-011With just over 6 weeks til our holiday I have returned to Slimming World (in spirit, I don’t actually go to groups) and attempted to up my fitness in a bid to be ‘bikini ready’. I thought that since my Summer holiday is a little early I would do a little bikini body series for those of you who may be interested in a few months time.. starting with my diet. I find it hard to stick to anything where I’m depriving myself and that’s why Slimming World works best for me, there’s so much ‘free food’ that I have never had everything I’m allowed for that day.. I can always have another meal if I’m hungry and I still stay on plan. I’m not a stickler for ALL of the rules so don’t take all of my calculations as gospel but I try to make my main meals free  where possible and save my syns for treats/alcohol. A week in I decided a food diary might help me 1. remember what I ate and 2. remember what I should and shouldn’t be counting.. I’m writing this a week in advance (on my birthday – worst day EVER to be watching what you eat!) and will take you through each day.. if you like the format I’ll continue until out trip.. I’m hoping doing so will keep me motivated to keep it up too!

Wednesday 04/02

  • Breakfast – Slimming World Quiche & Beans (recipe here) FREE
  • Lunch – Chicken Noodle Soup (recipe here) 1 Syn
  • Dinner – Smash Pizza (for another post but yummy) – FREE
  • Snacks – Pretzel Flipz – 5 Syns
  • Drinks – MUCH Black Tea – Free /Fizzy Water – Free / 2x Coors Light (Bottle) – 4.5 Syns
  • Total Syns – 15

Thursday 05/02

  • Breakfast – Porridge – Free (I think, it’s plain and doesn’t appear to have sweeteners)
  • Lunch – Chicken Noodle Soup – 1 Syn
  • Dinner – Pasta, Bacon, Mushrooms, Broccoli, Cheese (HE) – FREE
  • Snacks – Carrot Sticks – Free / Mini Gingerbread Men – 6.5 Syns
  • Drinks – Fizzy Water / Black Tea
  • Total Syns – 7.5

Friday 06/02

  • Breakfast – Porridge – Free (same as yesterday)
  • Lunch – Chicken Noodle Soup – 1 Syn
  • Dinner – Tuna, Rice & Broccoli – FREE
  • Snacks – Carrot Sticks – Free / Pretzel Flipz – 5 Syns
  • Drinks – Black Tea / Sugar Free Red Bull (needed it, don’t judge me!) / Fizzy Water / Coors Light (bottle) – 4.5
  • Total Syns – 10.5

Saturday 07/02

No counting, decided to take it as my birthday ‘treat day’ since I was pretty good on Wednesday

Sunday 08/02

  • Breakfast – skipped
  • Lunch – Fish Pie (my Mum assures me this is low cal and she also follows SW occasionally but I’ll add in 2 syns to be on the safe side)
  • Dinner – KFC SW Stye – syn free and AMAZING! I will definitely do a post on this!
  • Snacks – 2 Border Chocolate Ginger Biscuits (11 syns) & Carrot Sticks
  • Drinks – Fizzy Water / Black Tea
  • Total Syns – 13

Monday 09/02

  • Breakfast – Breakfast Pie & Beans – FREE
  • Lunch – Pasta, Mushrooms, Bacon & Low Fat Cheese – FREE
  • Dinner – KFS SW Style – seriously so good!
  • Snacks – Lettuce, Carrot Sticks – FREE
  • Drinks – 2 Coors Light (bottles) – 11 Syns
  • Total Syns – 11

Tuesday 10/02

  • Breakfast – Porridge – FREE
  • Lunch – Mug Shot – FREE
  • Dinner – Roast Chicken, SW Chips and Green Beans  – FREE
  • Snacks – Lettuce, 2 Borders Chocolate Ginger Biscuits – 11
  • Drinks – 2 Coors Light – 11 Syns
  • Total Syns – 22 – oops

I’m not going to talk weight specifically because it’s so subjective. I read a post by someone else recently who said she was the same height and dress size as me but 2 stones heavier.. this would explain why in the past people have been outraged when I’ve revealed my weight and said I wanted to lose a few lbs. People carry weight differently and if I were 2 stones heavier I would NOT be a size 12. I don’t actually care what dress size I am or what I weigh.. they don’t really mean anything, it’s how I feel when I look in the mirror.. but that’s tough to measure. If you don’t follow Slimming World then you can ignore the syn/free/HE notes but if you do and are wondering I try to keep to 15 syns per day.

If you have any #SW friendly recipes I’d love the links!

Miss BB

PS. someone moved the scales and they’re now WAY off (they have to be on a hard, flat surface to weigh correctly and I swear every floor in my house is wonky lol) so my motivation is already waning since I can’t tell whether I actually lost anything this week now. I mean they are showing a half a stone gain so I’m fairly certain that’s not right (I don’t tend to fluctuate much) so I’ve measured myself and am hoping that will be a better way to measure improvement moving forward! ARG!



  1. Rachel
    11 February, 2015 / 1:32 pm

    I love this format! So helpful, please carry on xxxx

    • missbudgetbeauty
      11 February, 2015 / 8:56 pm

      I may keep it up.. not sure whether talking so in depth about food may cause arguments among readers lol

    • missbudgetbeauty
      13 February, 2015 / 6:26 pm

      I will, maybe not EVERY week but I will x

  2. Samantha Harden
    11 February, 2015 / 5:23 pm

    Hi hun, Good to see your using the slimming world plan. I’m on that at the moment. In regards to porridge unless you are using plain porridge oats (which you can use as a HEB) and they are pre-packed porridges then most are synned. I eat the Oats so simple Multigrain ones in Forest Fruits as you get raisins in it as well (bonus!) and they are a HEB .

    • missbudgetbeauty
      13 February, 2015 / 6:23 pm

      yeah you’re probably right.. I’m not following SUPER strictly but then if I’m going to try I may as well. Are the ones you get in pots or no? I can’t give up the convenience lol

      • Samantha
        13 February, 2015 / 8:38 pm

        I use the sachets and add mil (hea) but you can add water. I would be really careful on your choices here’s as some porridge if not a given heb is about 5-6 syns. But try the forest fruit one as it’s yummy xx

        • missbudgetbeauty
          14 February, 2015 / 3:04 pm

          mmm might just skip porridge in future, too complicated!

  3. Alice
    11 February, 2015 / 5:42 pm

    Gotta be honest, I don’t feel like these kind of diets work – I just enjoy clean eating in general!
    I love frying chicken in coconut oil and rubbing nandos rub in and having that with roasted courgettes and sweet potato. I also have quinoa with that but brown rice would also be good! So tasty and very healthy! xx
    alicekatex ♥

    • Samantha
      11 February, 2015 / 8:25 pm

      We can have all of that on slimming world … It’s not a diet but a healthy eating plan. But it’s all different for different people xx

      • missbudgetbeauty
        11 February, 2015 / 8:58 pm

        exactly! At the end of the week if I haven’t lost anything I know my diet has been etter, I’ve eaten more veg than usual and I haven’t deprived myself. The ONLY reason I ever don’t follow plan is laziness.. if someone else in my house would cook *cough* husband *cough* I would ALWAYS do it. (no really.. I can’t complain, he does all the cleaning lol)

        • Samantha
          12 February, 2015 / 8:14 am

          I tend to batch cook as Im only cooking for me. Make big batches of spag Bol or chilli and freeze in individual portions. It does take abit more time but it’s so much more convenient to defrost a meal quickly and add veg, and also saves money in the long run xx

          • missbudgetbeauty
            13 February, 2015 / 6:17 pm

            I’m tempted to start doing that as my husband (he’s been better recently) doesn’t tend to eat what I eat.. he’ll push things around his plate and then have a bowl of cereal lol.. total waste so I may start batch cooking just for me

    • missbudgetbeauty
      11 February, 2015 / 8:55 pm

      What is your idea of clean eating? I always looked at slimming world as the best option because it promotes cooking from fresh so you know what’s in your food but doesn’t deprive you of the treats you crave. As ‘diets’ go it’s as close to encouraging clean eating as you’re going to get. You can have as much food as you want so long as it’s good for you (fruit, vegs etc) you don’t have to count calories (which in my experience promoted eating less rather than well) and there are no prepared meals to buy. I’m not a hardcore dieter but I like the loose structure it’s given me whether I’m following it or not. Of course no one thing works for all, I know I couldn’t eat ‘clean’ as I need my treats and would fold FAST but if you can, great!

      • 16 February, 2015 / 1:24 pm

        I know what you mean about counting calories – I’ve just come off a ‘calorie controlled’ diet as I found myself skipping lunches to ‘save calories’ EVEN THOUGH I knew it was bad for me and EVEN THOUGH I knew that it would likely cause my metabolism to slow down… I just got caught up in reducing the amount of calories I was eating thinking ‘less is better’. When I started to feel light-headed walking home from work I knew I had to nip it in the bud.

    • missbudgetbeauty
      13 February, 2015 / 6:19 pm

      mine is fighting me!

  4. Claire
    12 February, 2015 / 1:05 pm

    Please keep this series going! I’ve been doing SW for a few months trying to lose 2 stones. I’ve lost 1 so far but the second one is really not wanting to budge so any meal inspiration or low-syn ideas I can nab from here will be great!

    • missbudgetbeauty
      13 February, 2015 / 6:14 pm

      might not do it EVERY week.. it’s a bit much having to record every morsel of food you eat for 7 days plus not everyone will be in to this kind of thing but I’ll definitely do them again

    • 13 February, 2015 / 9:54 pm

      Erm… Maybe not with the honey actually. Oops, sorry!

      • missbudgetbeauty
        14 February, 2015 / 3:03 pm

        lol yummy none the less!

  5. Jen
    5 March, 2015 / 11:44 pm

    I just want to eat whatever I want and be 10 pounds less. #thestruggleisreal

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