What’s in a name?

I always liked my name. Growing up I liked having an unusual name that nobody could spell and I could correct people pronunciation of. Having a different first name and a common surname, Jones, was a nice balance I thought. Now I come to a bit of a crossroads where I have a fairly large decision to make.. Do I continue my life as a Jones or do I take on a whole new persona as “Mrs McDaid” ?
I want to say something now and understand I am aware of the white trash connotations… 
I never took my first husbands name.. it just didn’t fit. It didn’t complement my first name and I didn’t like it. 
This time around I guess I have a second shot at a once in a life time opportunity to change my name and I really am considering it. I never thought I would. I always loved being Jones, I never disliked my name as so many of my friends did.. I never dreamed of getting married and becoming Mrs someone else.. I was independent and it just wasn’t important to me. I like the idea of being a family unit with one surname but of course I am now part of a nuclear family… Ella has her Dads surname so I don’t want her to feel like the odd one out if I do take Lee’s name and she is the only non- McDaid.
So it turns out this decision is not just mine to make. Every time I think I’ve made it I think of another pro/con that throws me out again! Lee doesn’t like his name and has offered to take mine… seriously! I don’t think I could let him. Another thing that has influenced my thoughts, although really shouldn’t, is that his ex-wife took his name. I wouldn’t be the first Mrs McDaid.. so do I want to be one at all? But then she took his name.. she was “his” by name.. so will I resent that I am not? It was much simpler the first time around when it was a simple no, not happening, keeping my name, thanks! 
I would love to hear from those of you that have made/are currently making this decision or even those who know what they will do in the future when they are posed with this quandry..
I must add… I do like the way the name looks with mine, and how it sounds… I worry about finding kids names that fit with McDaid better than they fit with Jones.. I often wish I’d given Ella my name, I don’t want to regret that again! And lastly… A little picture… 
comments please 
miss bb


  1. 1 January, 2011 / 3:49 pm

    Oh dear! what a pickle! It's a really hard decision bu first of al don't feel bad for Ella not having your name, it shows tat you truely were commited to your previous relationship and anyone else would have done it. I think you should let Lee take your name. Its not uncommon nowadays and as men and women are becoming more and more equal it's fine to pick to both have one or the other.
    Do you really want you, Lee and to all have different names?? You and Lee are a family now so should share a name and if he prefers your then that's the way to go. Your next child will be Jones as well and yes, Ella will be different but shehas a different dad and you can't pretend that that's not te case.
    I hope I've helped :S I don't want to intude or aything 🙂
    And btw I love your youtube and blog, you are genuinely the only 'guru' who I watch and read every single post.
    Much love and good luck with your decision,
    Catriona x

  2. 1 January, 2011 / 3:51 pm

    *Do you really want you, Lee and Ella to all have different names?? (sorry, mistype)

  3. 3 January, 2011 / 7:28 pm

    it is tricky yes! I'm undecided but I'm leaning towards taking Lee's name lol x

  4. 4 March, 2011 / 1:22 pm

    You can always change it if you're unhappy with your decision 🙂 it costs a bit but you can still do it! I'm in the same boat, sort of, but I'm not even engaged yet lol! And if you do take Lee's last name, think about it this way. His ex-wife wasn't REALLY the first Mrs. McDaid! His mom was 😉 see?

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