What’s In My Carry On?


TOMORROW, TOMORROW, I’m going on HOLIDAY, tomorrow, it’s only a DAY away! Okay, I’m excited now. I’ve finally finished my epic to do list and can relax a bit before my mad cleaning dash around the house and drive down to Heathrow tonight with the fam. I posted a video on my carry on (pre-filmed cause y’know.. organised, innit?) but this is the final edit. I think the carry on is almost harder to pack than the regular luggage when you’re talking long haul. The idea of being confined to a small space with my two children and not so tolerant husband for 8 hours without a vital item I’ve forgotten is enough to give me nightmares but I think I’ve nailed the balance between only what I will actually use/need and totally over-packing.


Most of this stuff is going in my backpack and the every day/more valuable items will be with my in my handbag. I’m taking a reasonably large handbag for how much I’m carrying in it but I wanted the option to go backpack free in the city on days when I didn’t fancy lugging a big bag around with me.

The absolute essentials are passports, travel documents, money, a variety of medications/plasters, phone, mobile chargers and headphones – with splitter!! I’m taking some BASIC inflight skincare, baby wipes (not pictured) my vlogging camera (I used the PEN as a placeholder because I was using my G7X to take the photo but that’s what I’m actually taking) the GoPro with waterproof case, selfie stick, my bullet journal for notes while we’re there and because it has my itinerary and notes that I’ve already made in it. I have a pair of fluffy socks for everyone (because the plane gets COLD), a hairbrush (or two), a rollerball perfume (Fresh Brown Sugar) and of course my Nintendo DS loaded with Pokemon since the kids have commandeered the other entertainment.


I will also be taking my laptop (Macbook Air 11in) in my backpack.. not sure whether I’ll use it on the plane as I can’t imagine I’ll be able to concentrate on work with the kids around and it has pretty poor battery life when it comes to gaming (The Sims) but I don’t want to risk checking it with my regular luggage. I will also have my charger and SD cards/card reader for the same reason.. can’t be too careful when it comes to stuff you really can’t live 48hours without/risk losing completely.

IMG_0630For the children it’s pretty basic.. I’m going to throw in some snacks we plan to pick up on the drive down to the airport tonight but otherwise this is it. Activities are the name of the game so they have colouring books, paper and pens but I’ve stolen an uber indulgent trick from my Mum and also packed a pencil case full of surprises for those “OMG I’M GOING TO KICK OFF IF I DON’T GET WIFI SOON’ moments. It’s all blind bags and boxes so total surprises they can fight over to their hearts content but I’m hoping they will kill some time if they get bored of the on board entertainment. Because that’s never guaranteed (I have been on flights where mine is faulty or the plane is older/doesn’t have it) they each also have an iPad and headphones loaded with all their favourite shows and games. Lastly they have sunglasses (cause why not?) tissues (cause SNOT) snap (which Milo legit asked me ‘is it like snapchat?’) and a change of clothes. The change of clothes is mainly in case of accidents for the youngest but Ella loves to spill and there’s always the ‘lost luggage’ potential so it just seemed smart. I feel totally prepared for every eventuality but I’m sure I’ve missed something so feel free to point that out in the comments and hopefully I’ll catch it before we board.. if not it will go in the bank for next time.


This is my first time on a plane with my kids and I’m WAY more nervous than they are. Ella has flown with her dad before but Milo’s only ever been on the Eurostar so as we near the day I feel totally insane for ever thinking this was a good idea but I’m trying to be positive. They’re not bad kids and so long as I can keep my own fear of flying in check (oh, did I not mention I usually knock myself out to fly?) we will likely be able to distract each other with fun and games till we land.

See you on the other side!

EDIT. I ended up rescheduling this so actually TODAY TODAY, My holiday’s TODAY and I will likely already be in the air.. be sure to check out my instagram for updates along the way but I will likely post some pictures here next week!


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