What’s In My Purse?


What’s in my bag my be a popular YouTube/Blog tag but I’m not sure the purse/wallet has quite made it yet so I thought I would give you a peek in to mine and get the ball rolling. I’ll warn you, it’s not the most exciting.. but maybe it’s interesting..? The purse I have is called the Honor flap over purse, it’s from Biba and although this exact colour is no longer available I have been lusting after some of their limited edition ones.. the acid green is pretty awesome. I bought it to match my Biba bag but really cream leather is just impractical in the UK, it rains all the time!!! The patent Ted Baker purses know what they’re doing – waterproof!


In the main section I have my bank cards, loyalty cards and reminders. I don’t have any credit cards (can’t be trusted) but I have my regular account which I use for pretty much everything and then I have my ‘savings account’ which has a hefty overdraft so while I have saved money I’ve really just paid off that debt with a view to using it again soon.. this is my version of a credit card, I spend and pay it back and because that’s our ‘savings’ I feel more obliged to get it paid back quickly as we usually have plans for that money. Does anyone else do this or have a similar scheme? It definitely works better for me than an actual credit card but it’s all in my mind really. I have loyalty cards for Boots (shocker), Superdrug, Tesco (we don’t even shop there) and I guess the Matalan card is a loyalty card? I have no idea.. same with the IKEA family card, you get occasional discounts but I don’t really get it. Some random train tickets had stowed away here along with an expired Boots points voucher, my driving license and a Dental appointment reminder I’d forgotten all about.. it’s this Friday so this post was well timed! I also found a Kurt Geiger gift card that Elle gave away in their December 2011 issue.. I’m fairly certain it’s expired now.IMG_5169

Delving in to the compartments I have a stash of business cards (which I give to no-one, ever) and one that Laura gave me as we had them printed at the same time. I also found 2 coupons for our local crazy golf which are apparently still valid so that’s next weekend planned!IMG_5170

In the next section.. more train tickets? hoarder? me? never! A Moshi Monster card (I have a 7 year old – not just a strange collector of childrens games) and a Hallmark loyalty card. We have the most amazing Hallmark outlet near us, they recently sold off their medium Christmas Yankee Candles for £5.75 EACH!! Amazing deal so I obviously had to stock up but I could spend days in their browsing their massively discounted stockIMG_5171

Lastly the contents of my coin purse.. is coins. As you can see I am cash poor but I do have a free cheeseburger and sugar donut from McDonalds so.. it’s not all bad

C’mon, was that just about the dullest post I’ve ever written? I love the nosey ‘what’s in my’ tags and I think if someone else wrote one of these I’d enjoy it but I don’t lead the most exciting purse life it would seem.

Miss BB



    • missbudgetbeauty
      23 April, 2013 / 5:29 pm

      ahh! I never thought of that!! x

  1. 26 April, 2013 / 4:46 pm

    Thats not fair Superdrug have a loyalty card in UK and not Ireland….I am a SUCKER for loyalty cards. lol

  2. Jodie
    3 June, 2013 / 4:02 pm

    I have so many loyalty cards I’ve put them in a separate business card holder and if I’m only going to work or if I’m going out after the shops are shut I take it out. It makes my bag a lot lighter.

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