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IMG_8806Before we get in to another mask I just want to chat for a second. I’ve been considering a reboot of my blog for a while, I don’t feel like it’s evolved much in 6 years and like any relationship if you don’t grow together, you grow apart. I love YouTube but I still really enjoy scrolling through blogs in the evening while I’m watching TV too. I’ve realised what I want from a blog has changed, I like the aesthetics more than the wordy reviews and I’ve decided to make a move towards more of a photo blog format for my blog content. I’ll get in to it in another post but I thought I’d put out some feelers and ask for your opinions. I enjoy taking pictures and often a paragraph is all you need for a beauty review as the pictures often do the talking for you. In spite of that I can have a post in drafts for months because I can’t find enough to say about something. I’d like to share those things with the snippets I do want to say rather than leave them unpublished indefinitely and so you might see some more picture heavy, quick fire reviews coming your way soon!

IMG_8809But enough about that, I literally couldn’t sleep last night (partly because of the referendum) and partly because I’d found the domain name I wanted and didn’t dare sleep until I’d bought it, haha. Of all the masks I’ve tried recently I think this has been my favourite, there’s another very different peel off mask I have coming up that was VERY interesting and entirely unique but this is the one that made my skin SING. I am totally in love with these When masks, the super thin bio cellulose gels stay so close to the skin and I really feel like I’m getting more from it than any other mask. The Glamour Base isn’t one I’d have reached for because I NEVER use a mask before applying my makeup but one Friday morning when I had a couple of hours at home before work I decided to give it a whirl and O.M.G it is amazing! My skin was so soft I had everyone at work stroking , haha.. this happened, I swear! Baby’s bottom soft! My makeup applied better over top of whatever magic this thing did and my face felt so fresh. I have a trip to the states booked in August (another thing I’ll talk about later because I’m barely containing my excitement right now) and top of my shopping list is a bumper pack of these masks!!



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