Whiter Teeth in 5 Days?

So you want whiter teeth?  I’m guessing you do or you wouldn’t be here, right? Well, you’re in luck! I tested out an affordable, at home whitening kit that claims to whiten up to 7 shades in 5 days! And? It’s pretty darn good!

My only experience with teeth whitening prior to this has been Crest strips which, though effective, left my teeth super sensitive and me nervous to try them or anything like them again. When I started my “crash test mummy’ series (which essentially is me testing bizarre beauty products/trends) I remembered this Nano kit and thought it might make a good video.. I was willing to put my ice cream eating future on the line for my art, you’re welcome.

Thankfully there was zero sensitivity, the kit was very easy to use, there were some ‘teething problems’ (pardon the pun’ by way of awkward white spots that appeared from nowhere after the first go but overall the treatment was very effective. It came with plastic trays and a whitening gel that compared to the strips (I think) did very little so I’d save the £10 more you’d pay for the larger kit and just buy the strips for £25. I used them for just 5 days but there are 28 strips in the pack so you could go for a lengthier treatment period or really get your moneys worth and use them to top up for a few months!

You can see the results on my (admittedly crooked) teeth but if you want to see the whole process in action and here my chatter away about the pros and cons you can watch the video.. if you’re a ‘bleach first, ask question later’ kind of person (hello, friend) then you can pick the kit up online here!


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