Winter Skin Favourites

This is something that was requested AGES ago so apologies that we are already into Winter by the time I’m actually posting. There are lots of things I switch up when the colder weather approaches but moisturising products are the number one, I tend to choose thicker, richer formulas to protect me from the elements and treat dryness. Here are some of my favourites…

This is a fantastic everyday body lotion. It sinks in super fast so it can be used in a morning before you get dressed without having to wait around for it to dry and it really does leave me feeling moisturised for longer than an average lotion. There are loads of formulas to choose from ranging from sensitive to normal to extra dry, all with different scents.. I love them all but the cocoa butter is my favourite. 
I’ve never been a big lover of these cult body butters. I know everyone revs about them but I just don’t think they’re great value for money. I bought this one on a deal recently so only paid £1 and I’ve been really pleasantly surprised. The Shea Butter version is much thicker, it’s almost balm-like in consistency, smells divine and goes a really long way. I would absolutely repurchase! 
This is a must have for everyones body care arsenal. I am never without a tub on the go, it’s the solid formula I’m talking about not the lotion. It can be melted to an oil to use on the skin or as a deep conditioner and what I love most is that you can rub it in indefinitely without getting those rolly bits you do with a lotion. Perfect for a much needed foot massage after a day of Christmas shopping.
Hand Therapy Concentrated Hand Balm (unable to source online)
I couldn’t find this online so I’m not sure whether you can still purchase it but I’m sure there are equivalents out there. This is a Superdrug’s own brand hand balm. It’s super thick and leaves a protective layer which is great for combatting the cold and even better for those of you that can stand to wear gloves for the occasional overnight hand pampering. This never leaves my handbag.
I doubt I really need to say much about this best seller. I’d tried samples many times over the years but only recently purchased a full sized tube. I use it on my lips, I use it as a moisturising face mask once a week, I use it on my elbows or any dry areas and even on the ends of my hair. It is one of my more expensive products and so I don’t go crazy with it but it really does the job when nothing else will.
Okay so this isn’t exactly skincare but I just love it and It’s transitioned in to winter when I really didn’t expect it to. I thought I’d return to full coverage foundation but this stuff leaves my dull winter skin glowy and fresh. If you feel you need a fuller coverage I’d still recommend this as a base as it does boast some skincare properties as well and every little helps.

I’ve looked high and low for the best lip treats and this is one of my all time favourites. It has that delicious MAC lipstick smell and taste (yes, taste!) stays on my lips that little bit longer than your average balm and offers a subtle tint of colour. I always carry this with me and although it might not be the most moisturising lip balm it’s a joy to wear and I never mind applying more… yum!
So I hope that helps any of you out there that are looking for some winter skin treats. These are some of the best I’ve tried but I’m always on the look out for bigger and better so please feel free to share your own favourites in the comments. 
Miss BB


  1. 25 November, 2011 / 12:18 am

    You've reminded me that I need to buy some more Palmers! Oh dear, lets add that to the list of things I've bought online today. Paypal is not always your best friend ūüėČ haha

    – Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  2. 28 November, 2011 / 12:40 pm

    i got palmers a couple of years ago and loved it but always trying new things so havent re-purchased but need too. I also love the Elizabeth Arden skin protectant, its great for red, peeling noses from too much friction with tissues, i slap on at night and all healed in the morning.

    great video!

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