Winter Skin Savers

Initially these few items were to make up my Winter Skin Savers post.. but this post has been sitting in my drafs for over a month and in that time I”ve discovered new things, different things.. better things? Additions let’s say that I couldn’t leave out and so rather than this select few items I will in fact be talking to you about a huge group of products that you can pick and choose from to hopefully create your perfect Winter skin care regimine.

I’ll start from the top with oils as I have three to talk about..

Palmers Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil – £9.49 for 150ml here *Gifted

I must admit that I was a little shocked at the price of this given the brand is usually a little more affordable, I didn’t think this would have been more than £6. Saying that it is really lovely and if you use it on wet skin a little goes a long way, it also absorbs that much better and you’re not wasting half of it on your PJ’s or bed sheets. This is targeted at a variety of conditions from dryness to aging skin to stretch marks and scars.. I’m not sure that it’s improving the tone of my skin at all but it smells delicious and leaves me feeling nicely moisturised the next morning.. as you’d imagine an oil would. It’s also formulated for the face which I find handy as I generally pile it on after my evening bath then use the residue on my face pre-night cream.

The Body Shop Shea Beautifying oil – £9 for 100ml here

Now in truth this is another that I think is a tad overpriced.. I bought it when they first launched and somehow managed to bag it for just a couple of quid with the various offers they were running but I’m not 100% sure I would repurchase this yet. I’m recommending it because it does the job and it does it well but being fairly new to the world of oils I don’t know whether there’s a better, cheaper alternative out there yet. This again smells amazing but unlike the Palmers I use this only on my face purely because of the cost for such a small bottle.. I wouldn’t feel like I was getting my moneys worth. You can get these in various scents as with the butters but I love Shea.

Angela Langford Balanced & Beautiful – £22.55 for 25ml here *PR Sample

Talking of value for money.. this one is on the higher end of the scale but it is perfect for you already oily girls that are reading this thinking I’m crazy. Even oily/combination skins like mine need to replenish moisture in the winter time, if you skin gets too dry it may over-produce oil which in turn leads to breakouts so although it may seem totally bizarre there is an oil for you and it is this one. I can even wear this under my day cream, it sinks in so quickly and since using it I haven’t suffered any unusual blemish behaviour but I also haven’t had any annoying dry patched around my nose and forehead like I normally do at this time of year. This is what I’m using right now and although I only have a tiny sample I’m seriously considering a full size purchase.

On the same kind of theme are balms.. I have 3 to tell you about, all very different..

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream – £25 for 50ml here

This is the original Winter skin saver, am I right? I personally can’t stand the smell but for a long time it was the only thing that would do for me what it does for me so I put up with it. As I mentioned previously I do have the odd dry patch, this is the nature of combination skin after all. Nothing could fix them until I discovered this, I used to use this as a mask almost overnight and all that dryness would disappear.. now I’ve found other things that do the same thing but still use occasionally.. I use it most often now as an intensive lip treatment, however.

La Roche-Posay Soothing Repairing Balm – £15.50 for 100ml here * PR Sample

These days this has replaced the 8 hour cream on my dry skin days. I guess you could describe it as a cold cream, somewhere between E45 and sudocrem. It have similar benefits to the Elizabeth Arden counterpart and can be used on minor burns/skin irrtations.. nappy rash, but it’s a totally different consistency. It’s not greasy at all, it has no discernible scent, certainly nothing to dislike, and although it does sit on your skin and ‘repair the damage’ you can’t feel it the same way you can with the 8 hour cream. If you’re oilier like me I’d guess you’d almost certainly prefer this and it’s much better value for money!

Soap & Glory Smooch Operator – £6.00 for 10g here *PR Sample

Does anyone remember the Johnsons vanilla scented lipbalm? It was basic but it did the job and I always avoided the dreaded Winter chapping when I had that to hand. I’m fairly certain it was discontinued but I look for it every year as it was my all time favourite. I never found anything I liked as much until this, I’ll admit if the Johnsons popped up in Asda next week I’d drop this so fast but it is a very close second.. and I’ve tried a lot of lip balm! Smooch Operator smells rather deliciously of Coconut, leaved my lips glossy and I can feel it on them for hours, it doesn’t just wear off like everything else seems to, it sticks around and actually does something, smooths, protects and is a staple in my desk drawer!

Yep, this is going to be a long post! Moving on the body lotions..

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Day – £2.99 for 250ml here

This is one of a handful of products I’m almost certain you will have heard me talk about before. It’s my hold grail and once again it smells amazing. Another Shea Butter scent, I’ve tried a few but always come back to this. If you haven’t tried the Garnier 7 day body lotion get down to Boots or wherever you shop (it’s stocked pretty much everywhere), pick your skin type or scent and try this, you will love it I guarantee! They have versions for sensitive skin, dry, extra dry, normal etc. The She is formulated for extra dry skin which is ideal to combat the ‘winter dryness’ (Liz Lemon.. anyone get that?) on my arms but also smells sooo gooood!

E45 Intense Recovery £4.49 for £250ml here *PR Sample

This isn’t quite as exciting but if you’re looking for a no frills lotion that’s suitable for sensitive, very dry skin then look no further. It is fragrance free and the only thing I can apply to my freshly shaved legs that doesn’t have me running around the house doing a Red Indian impression. Nuff Said.

Soap & Glory Heel Genius 0 £5.50 for 125ml here

 I guess I could lump this in with body, right? I used to hate this because the only time my feet get a look in lotion wise I’m getting a massage from my lovely husband. Unfortunately this doesn’t really rub so every time I gave him this he’d complain about the stickiness and that would be that. I’d written it off due to this minor inconvenience until I decided one day to give myself a pedicure, slapped a ton of this on my feet and put them up for a few hours (no doubt of blogging) and voila.. super soft feel. Not one for the other half to use when he’s treating you girls but a nice product to have on hand.. or foot 😉

Okay, we’re on the home stretch.. on to facial creams and such then we’re done, I swear.

Vichy Dark Spot Corrector – £29.00 for 30ml here * PR Sample

This is not so much a Winter skin care item but it’s something that I’m using in an attempt to reverse some of the damage done to my skin during the Summer. I am planning a full post on this but in a nutshell I was using glycolic acid based products which make your skin more susceptible to the Sun’s rays but I wasn’t using the correct protection so I now have dark marks around my eyes. I believe this is helping but only time will tell. It’s supposed to even out skin tone as well as reduce these marks and although I can’t entirely recommend it to you yet I wanted to include it as I’m using it right now and I would suggest it for anyone with a similar problem.

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser – £2.99 for 100ml here

This is another HG product I’ve gone on and on and on about! I’ve used it for maybe 10 years and nothing workd like it to reduce my breakouts when they flare up. It shrinks spots, calms my skin and doesn’t dry me out like a conventional spot treatment. Not enough people know of the wonder that is Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser and I am on a one woman mission to change that. Go and buy it!

Naked Skin Thirst Aid – £7.49 for 100ml here *PR Sample

This was my night cream of choice (until I found the last product I’m going to talk to you about), I’m coming around the this natural skin care malarkey and think there’s something to the idea that your skin responds best to it. I really liked this, it was a thick alsmost body butter consistency but for the face. it feels nice to apply and there’s still a residue in the morning so you know it hasn’t all just rubbed off on your sheets, it did a really good job of keeping my skin moisturised and for the money it’s a very good buy. In all honesty if I hadn’t received the Organic surge a couple of weeks ago this would have been getting a rave review now but.. it’s just not quite as nice. It would be perfect for dryer skins but if you’re oily/combination like me.. walk this way..

Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser – £8.49 for 50ml here *PR Sample

I am close to becoming an Organic Surge convert. I am so in love with their balancing mask and now this. I learned not that long ago that there’s a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin (post to come) and that the two require very different treatments. I still use a facial oil underneath this, I generally apply that after my bath then just before bed (an hour or so later) I apply this. It seems to lock in the oil while keeping my skin feeling fresh, it’s not heavy at all, the scent it very calming, rosemary and lemon (like the mask) and I just cannot say enough about it. I’m suddenly realising why some products work for me and others don’t, this is hydrating my skin without overloading it with moisture and it seems to be balancing it out really nicely. Again I will follow up with a full review on this when I’ve used it for a while longer but so far so very good!

Argh! I forgot about this one last pesky product so I will link you to a previous review…

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Rehydrating Masque – £13.60 for 50ml here *PR Sample

Blog post Link here

Hope you enjoyed this longest blog post in the world but if you couldn’t be bothered to read it you can watch the video here…

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