Wonderbra Winner #NationalCleavageDay

I have been overwhelmed at the response to last weeks wonderbra giveaway but I have chosen a winner, that winner is @MummyToTheMax CONGRATS! I will of course tweet our winner but if you’re reading thins please send your shipping info to missbudgetbeauty@hotmail.co.uk

It is NCD today so I thought you might enjoy these fun facts..

40% of women are Confident Cleavagers and show their cleavage on a daily basis
26% of women and ‘Closet Cleavagers’ and rarely show off their cleavage
34% of women are ‘Part-Time Cleavagers’ and only show their cleavage at the weekends
86% of women said Holly Willoughby is their celebrity cleavage icon
14% of women said Sam Faiers is their celebrity cleavage icon

Which category do you fall into?

Miss BB


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