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 Have you noticed the ‘Gift Guide’ tab that’s appeared under my header recently? Well if you click it it will take you to anything I deem gift appropriate from my actual gift guides to posts such as this where I review a set that would be a nice gift.. get it? Yeah that was fairly self explanatory wasn’t it. Anyway.. Polaire

I’m not sure where the name ‘Polaire’ comes from but doesn’t it look pretty on the box? Speaking of which I am all about the Agatha Christy-esque art deco styling here.. I think since Yardley is a brand I associate with an older demographic they have packaged their products as such.. I happen to like it but I do think they could freshen it up a little and bring in a younger crowd. Some of their newer fragrances aren’t at all what you’d expect from the brand famous for their English Lavender but you’d never know it as they’ve kept their styling very classic.. Maybe it’s working for them, I don’t know.


Unlike their usual very floral offerings this is warmer and spicier, much more up my alley with notes of amber and ginger but with the lighter twist of freesia and pear. not what I was expecting at all and I actually much prefer it to anything else I’ve tried from Yardley thus far. Definitely something I’d be more inclined to give as a gift to someone under the age of 85.

The bottle is also really lovely, simple but very pretty. The set includes a body lotion of the same fragrance which I’m yet to sample but I would assume is the same as most scented lotions.. fairly basic but a nice way to layer your fragrance. My only realy bugbear with this gift set is that the products were just free within the box. I don’t know if this is because mine was a sample of if this is actually how they are on sale but if you see one in store give it a shake and let me know. It’s not the best first impression when you open and already dented box and the products just fall out. If there is indeed an insert keeping everything in place then this will be a very nice offering at a really good price from Yardley this Christmas however if not I’d be tempted to just buy the fragrance alone.

£19.99 online here

Miss BB

*PR Sample


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