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For those of you who caught my first impression review of this a couple of weeks ago, I may have spoken too soon. I actually chose this to kick off the 30 lips in 30 days series because I thought I had an idea of what I was going to say but while wearing it today I completely changed my mind. I don’t know if it was a one off, if my lips were too dry, if it was because the product was brand new.. I don’t know but it wore horribly – you can see in this video – and today I was absolutely bowled over by the wear time.


For liquid lips I want to share the wear after a couple of hours because that’s what I’m most interested in when purchasing something new but with this I actually left it 5 hours because I couldn’t believe it was wearing so well. The last time it was so dry and uneven so although I’m mightily impressed this time around I still can’t say I’d buy another at £29 a pop. It never 100% dries and so isn’t smudge proof but it was very comfortable, a bit of a hybrid for those who aren’t in to your average matte.


The feature that had me so excited about this launch initially was the applicator. It has the fuzzy fabric element to hold the product but it’s flat, almost spatula-like in shape and this makes it really easy to achieve a crisp lip line. Not always the case with these liquid lip products.


Like I said, not a 100% positive review because my first experience was a stark contrast to this but I wouldn’t count it out and if nothing else it’s taught me not to write a product off after a bad first impression.





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  1. Melissa
    1 November, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    That color looks amazing on you very pretty!

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