YSL Touche Eclate for just £13???

I am so excited to tell you that right now on BuyaPowa you could bag YSL’s Touche Eclat for the bargain price of £13!!! I’m even more excited because I asked you all both here and on my YouTube channel what products you would love for BuyaPowa to get at discount and Touche Eclat was something so many of you requested. It just goes to show that the system works when we tell them what we want. There were lots of other things we wanted of course and they want new ideas all the time so if there’s one thing on your wish list right now that’s just out of your price range PLEASE leave a comment for them to see.. I would love to see them bring on board another must-have that we demanded.
Ok.. on to the product.
I have tried it myself some time ago and like most people, loved it. The only thing that put me off repurchasing was the price. I tried other, cheaper versions from different brands but nothing really seemed to do the same thing so I gave it up as a bad job and moved on.
For those of you that have been making do with less effective alternatives or who just really want to try this cult product now’s your chance.
To give you an indication of what else is available in this price range right now..
No7 Instant Radiance Concealer £13.50
Clinique Airbrush Concealer £15.00
But the original Touche Eclat could be yours for just £13!!!
If you’re unfamiliar with how BuyaPowa works go to my blog post here where any questions should be answered.. for those already in the know here are the price points, before it even starts the price will be just £17.50 compared to the RRP £24.50…
You can view the deal and join the co-buy here and don’t forget to spread the word if you do.. whoever brings in the most people will get theirs for FREE! Now that would be a bargain.
This is a fab deal to get on board for a relatively new company..
If they can do this.. what else could we ask for?

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