Accidental Hiatus – Lockdown + Lipstick

So it’s been a minute since I posted anything new here on my blog. It wasn’t an intentional break but when we went in to lockdown I couldn’t keep up the same pace and maintain any kind of mental stability.

There were moments when I didn’t think I’d ever return to my blog but last week, I pulled out some new products and .. I got the bug.

I wanted to photograph the untouched packaging and edit before and afters. I wanted to tell you how it wore and share close ups. Making this a job had robbed me of the joy I used to find in a new lipstick and so I guess it makes sense that deciding to ‘leave’ that ‘job’ brought it back.

The kids are on ‘summer break’ now so the pressure to homeschool guilt of not home schooling has eased, the smallest is visiting his childminder on some of my work days again – and those days have changed. Monday’s have been reassigned to my ‘internetting’, Tuesdays are to spend with the kids and Wed-Fri I’m working my day job from my make-shift living room office.

I feel like I’ve regained some of that elusive work-life balance again and I’m happily typing this post on a Sunday afternoon because it’s not on my to-do list and (more importantly) neither is anything else!

and so.. I make no promises about schedule or frequency but you can expect to see new content here again now the fog of lockdown has lifted and it feels like I’ve got a handle on those manic meltdowns.


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