Everything Is Changing..

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Long time no speak!! I’ve been busy prepping video content for December and of course VLOGGING every day for Vlogmas but I thought I should check in and let you guys know what’s been taking up all of my time. I think I mentioned briefly that I might be moving house, well it’s still a might but that might is getting scarily close. We’re moving in to a new house with my parents and found a great Part Ex deal with just one catch.. we HAVE to (absolutely under no circumstances is the deal still good after this date) complete by 22nd December. It’s currently the 5th and we’re liaising with solicitors, waiting for the lender to process my mortgage.. but we won’t know for sure for at least another week!! It’s just about the most stressful situation you could imagine, 2 families coming together and condensing 2 households worth of stuff while trying to compromise on space and decor is tough enough but add in an insane timeline that leads up to CHRISTMAS? Forget about it! Because it’s still not a done deal we’re hesitating on packing, booking movers, calling service providers etc so we will likely end up in a flurry of anxiety Christmas week but in THEORY it’s all very exciting, isn’t it? I’m trying to distract myself with festivities and Vlogmas is certainly helping to keep my mind occupied but potential plans and shopping lists keep creeping in so I may share some homey posts over the next fortnight.. if I’m feeling confident, I’m convinced even thinking about what I might buy is tempting fate. Wouldn’t it just be the worst Christmas if we got all excited and then it fell through at the 11th hour?? REALLY I should throw myself in to blogging, that might help to avoid the stress consuming me but my concentration level is at an all time low. I will continue my regular posting on insta and you can keep up with the ‘news’ via my daily vlogs if you’re so inclined but I thought I’d hop on and give you a little insight in to my absence. There’s nothing like a new house to inspire creativity for me so if we do indeed move I’ll be back in full force in the New Year.. and sporadically until then!

Soap & Glory Christmas

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Soap & Glory always have a good Christmas range but in recent years I haven’t been excited about the gift sets, this year they have really stepped up their game. The products aren’t groundbreaking or in truth all that interesting alone however the presentation is a bit special. The 12 Christmas Washes box contains (you guessed it) 12 mini sized face and body cleansers, a little different and I like it but the box itself lights up.. it’s just cute. The Sexy Mother Pucker set is four neutral lip plumping glosses in a Babushka-style case made to look like.. a Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss.. ok, you may never find a use for that thing but from a gifting perspective it’s a bit more interesting than a box of lip glosses, no?

img_9624img_9609img_9614But wait! What really sold me as an innovative and almost hidden gift idea was the ‘Khol-Eyed’..oscope.. I genuinely thought this was a PR gift when I opened the box but low and behold the end popped off to reveal 3 limited edition Crazy Sexy Kohl liners in the casing of this ‘toy’ that my son has since confiscated. I don’t know anyone who could resist turning a kaleidoscope to the closest light source given the chance and it’s kind of a classic Christmas gift, isn’t it?


There are a few other makeup gifts on offer this year as well as (of course) their big Boots buy ‘The Whole Glam A lot’ which will almost certainly be their Star Of The Week in a few weeks time for half the price so keep your eyes peeled!

Black Friday Wishlist

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It’s almost upon us! I’ve been gearing up for this one major shopping day for quite some time and if you saw my ‘Finding My Style’ post you will know I’ve got a wishlist as long as my arm for my brand new wardrobe but I thought I’d compose some of my top picks for the biggest shopping weekend of the year! I’ll be back with more specific deals when they’re actually running but for now here are some things I would not mind finding under my tree this year..

Hudson Meeya Boots – £125 / Topshop Vintage Wash Jamie Jeans – £40 / ASOS Denim Shirt – £20 / Aspinal Travel Wallet – £130 / Sophia Webster Butterfly Flats – £240 / Return Trip To New York – £££ / Joe Malone Intense Collection – £88 / John Lewis Christmas Print – £8 / SJP Gold Echo Boots – £423 / Barefoot Dreams Cardigan – £78 / Wooden Advent Calendar – £31 / Charlotte Olympia Feline Card Holder – £159 / Sephora Give Me lip Gift Set – $28 / Erin Condren Life Planner – $50 / Matalan Merry & Bright Cushion – £8

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