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I finally dipped my toe in to the ocean of colour that is 3ina recently and in honour of National Lipstick Day I am sharing what I bought. I of course went straight to that section and picked up two near identical but DIFFERENT shades of coral and was leaning towards a third before deciding on a sheer plum/brown that totally surprised me. I would never usually even swatch a sheer or ‘shiny’ formula but I so love this one I’m tempted to get a couple more. The colour is totally different on the skin that in the bullet so testing is essential with these but the formula is lush. The perfect balance between lipstick and gloss and the sheer colour is a great, more casual alternative to the bold summer lip trend.

IMG_0826Matte Lipstick in 406 / Intense Lipstick in 313 / Shiny Lipstick in 206 / Automatic Eye Pencil in 301

The difference between the matte and intense lipstick finishes is minimal but the intense is (as you’d imagine)..more saturated so if you were torn between the two I’d go that way. They’re almost comparable to the Nars Audacious lipsticks that I love but Nars still has the edge.. just. I love the slightly muted tone of 406 that sets it apart from the brighter 313.. yes I did need them both. They’re just SO different, y’know? The liner is pretty indelible.. it was a freebie promotion they were running so I wasn’t super excited about it but it’s been a bit of an underdog. Not something I use a lot (I’m so bad at eye makeup) but something I’d reach for over the masses of other black liners in my drawer! If you’re interested in seeing some more bits from the brand i filmed a haul with Lex for her channel with lots of swatches of some much more colourful items she bought! – WATCH HERE

I don’t believe you can shop online yet but from the looks of it that will be coming soon, for now there are a couple of stores one of which is in Covent Garden, London and is extremely instagrammable if you’re ever in the area 😉

Baked Oats

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Remember last week when I said I wasn’t on a ‘losing weight kick’ this Summer and was just buying bigger clothes and being ‘cool with it’ .. well yesterday I started slimming world. I’ve done it before, have never been to group but follow the plan from the book and since it’s 4 weeks till our holiday I thought I’d give it a proper shot and see what I can do in that time. I’ve shared some meals and snacks on instagram and received a lot of interest in recipes so I thought I’d start with the one that garnered the most attention.

IMG_0005Overnight oats ( a SW staple) never appealed to me but baking them in to something resembling cake DEFINITELY did. I’ve tried them a couple of times and haven’t quite perfected the recipe yet – I left out the sweetener in this one and it definitely needs SOMETHING to give it a less savoury twist, especially when using a relatively tart fruit like blackberries – but the beauty of the recipe is that once you have the basics down it can be totally tweaked to your own tastes. I make double portions purely to fill up the tin but for those on plan three of these would count as your daily Hex B and you can syn your chosen fillings as needed.. The cooked blackberries would be maybe 1 total (hard to measure less than 100g) but you can put whatever you like in them! I added some banana for Lee’s but this batch wasn’t really sweet enough for him.



35g Porridge Oats (plain)

1 Small Egg (when I double up 1 Large is fine)

1/2 Pot Vanilla Muller Light

Vanilla Essence

3 tbsp Sweetener (necessary.. in hindsight)

Fruit/Filling To Mix In

Mix everything together in a bowl, separate out into heavily greased (fry light) cake tins and add fruit before baking for around 30 minutes at 180.. you can put it in one big tin if you like but I like to eat them like individual treats.. I’ve seen people add yoghurt and fruit and make a full dessert but like I say.. you can switch it up depending on what you’re in to!

Really yummy alternative to baked goods or a more interesting twist on your morning porridge, I hope you give them a go. Don’t forget to tweet (or instagram) me a picture if you do!

Schools Out ’16 / WEEK ONE

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I am guilty of staying home most days in the holidays, leaving the exciting stuff till the weekend when we can all get involved but this Summer I decided to get out and do some stuff! I have 2 kids (for those who don’t know) and my eldest (Ella) is only with my half of the week so part of the reason I didn’t used to plan activities was because I didn’t want to leave her out but now Milo is older I really have to make plans for him too. So Monday/Tuesday we have Mummy & Milo Days and when Ella is back on a Wednesday (I work Thursday/Friday) we do something together. I thought I would share a snapshot of what we’ve done each week on my blog both to inspire those of you out there looking for ideas to keep your kids busy but also to give me some accountability. I WILL have something to share every week, even if that’s a picnic at our local park it’s more than I might have done in the past. I’m trying to schedule work around my days with the kids which has meant very busy evenings and weekends but a day off adventuring or playing in the garden is so much more enjoyable when I’m not constantly nipping back inside to edit something or stealing time for emails. As luck would have it our lovely childminder has taken Milo to Butlins for the day today so I have lots of time to catch up on what I didn’t do this weekend because of a new obsession which I’ll talk about tomorrow.

IMG_9087IMG_9077IMG_9057IMG_9056IMG_9060IMG_9097IMG_9143IMG_9120IMG_9133IMG_9118IMG_9142This week we went to Manchester via bus, train AND tram.. Milo was so excited just to get to Manchester that be hugged e and thanked me for taking him.. at that point we’d just sat on a train for 90 minutes, bless him. We went to Heaton Park where we rode a land train, had a picnic, watched some people on the boating lake and wished we’d brought more cash so we could have a go and met with some friends to blow bubbles and play. On Tuesday (Hottest day of the year) we bought Summer supplies and spent the day in the garden with our new paddling pool and chalks. We also made some crafts – all of which the dog ate soon after. I had lots of fun with the Go Pro this week in the paddling pool, that blog will go up tomorrow.. can’t wait to get it in a proper swimming pool when we go to New York. We went swimming with Ella on Wednesday and then back for more garden fun. I’ve barely had them out of the pool since I blew it up ,best £12 I ever spent! This week I’m hoping to take them to our local indoor trampoline park, it looks like so much fun but I’m nervous one or all of us will break something. I also need to book in a physio appointment now I think of it but maybe I’ll save that till after I’ve jolted everything out of place..

What did you do this week?

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