Pumpkin Nail Art / #TalontedKhila

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pumpkin nail art

I have only a couple of designs left to show you and thought I’d go for the cheerier of the two today since we’re off to LEGOLAND! I’m half excited, half terrified.. but then that’s every school holiday, isn’t it? We’re going to the Harry Potter Tour tomorrow (considerably more exciting for the grown ups) so I’m repainting with something a bit more dark and mysterious for that but I thought these colourful pumpkins were ‘brick or treat’ appropriate.. here’s how I did it..


Makeup Obsession / ALL THE SWATCHES

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If you haven’t already heard there’s a new brand sweeping Boots stores called Makeup Obsession. The stand is an instagrammers dream, row upon row of colourful yet perfectly uniform pans and stacks of palettes in which to place them. It’s the new custom palette system on the block (which seems to be the trend) and I will be back with a more in depth REVIEW very soon but for for now I have a LOT of swatches. They’re in a vague order of sorts, the first 6 are my personal favourites of the moment, my own custom palette and the rest I’ve tried to arrange by colour or type but hopefully it’s useful for those of you looking to buy online or put together a wishlist. The empty palettes start at £5 and the inserts at £2 so it’s on of the more affordable addictions you could have but be warned, one palette will not be enough! I believe I’m missing the highlight powders so I’ll add those in as and when I get them but this should be everything else.. if you spot (or don’t spot) anything I’m missing let me know..

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30% Off Very Exclusive

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untitledIt’s time for Very Exclusive’s bi-annual friends and family sale!! Brilliant timing for revamping your wardrobe for the new season or better still.. Christmas presents!!! I know, I know.. it’s not time yet but 30% off some pricier items is a deal too good to be missed! I’ve placed an order which I’ll share with you next week but since it won’t last forever I thought I’d pop up a deal alert for those who have missed the promotion so far.. you can SHOP THE SALE HERE using deal code KPAGK 

Let me know what you pick up if you do!

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