Magnetic Palettes From FREEDOM

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I’m just about as excited as I could be about this launch! I am obsessed with all things custom/personalised so magnetic makeup palettes have been a long time love of mine but so few brands have done it really well and NONE in the affordable beauty arena. There have been some which piqued my interest in the past but I can safely say this is the best yet. I thought I’d share swatches of the available eyeshadows first as this is the largest category and the one i assume most will be immediately interested in but DO NOT discount the blush, contour and highlight selection.. for me that’s what makes this range special. I’m not HUGE on eyeshadow so I could have a couple of basics then load up on blush and highlight powders.. feels all the more custom, all the more ME.





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The empty palette itself is £5, each cheek/face pan is £3 and each eyeshadow pan is £2. They come individually boxed with a small holder inside to keep your single pans safe when they’re not in the palette – useful. Every pan has its own shade info on the underside so you will never lose track of which is which (a VERY welcome addition I wasn’t honestly expecting) and the palette in general feels a little more substantial than the average pre-filled shadow palette, it also has a handy mirror in the lid. This is a major launch for the brand and for it to kick off with SO many refill options is insane, I’d say I can’t wait to see what they add to the palette system range but I’m a bit lost as to what they could. I’ll post about the highlights next week when I’ve recovered from my jet lag and can think straight again as I think they’re my favourite refills but for now I hope this is useful for those of you who plan to spend the next however many hours narrowing down the shades for your own palette.


For The Love Of Five Guys

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Fun Fact: I LOVE Five Guys! I’ve heard mixed reviews online and in person but I think it all comes down to what you’re expecting from the experience. If you’re looking for another low cost fast food joint you will likely come away feel totally robbed but if you’re looking at it as a restaurant (think Nando’s, Frankie&Benny’s) you’re more likely to enjoy your visit. If you’re a plain burger and chips kinda guy you also won’t get the most from this place, it’s a lot to spend for something basic but if you like a burger the way YOU LIKE IT you will probably love the chain! I’m not sold on their fries but their burgers are large and tasty enough to do as my meal. Their drink selection is insane, from the bottomless (of which there are hundreds to choose from at the magic Coke machine) to beer and milkshakes that are just as customisable as their burgers it’s definitely a departure from fast food as we know it.

IMG_0700 IMG_0705 IMG_0707My burger of choice is the little bacon burger with mushrooms, ketchup and mayo but there are SO many toppings to choose from, all of which come at no extra cost so you can see how you might not get your moneys worth if your order it plain. Everything is fresh, they pride themselves on this, hanging reviews that state ‘not a freezer in the joint’ and signs announcing which local provider their potatoes were shipped in from that day. Overall it’s great, not a day to day eatery but a treat everyone can enjoy.. just don’t expect th chips to be cheap!

Do You Pokemon?

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Did you Pokemon as a kid? I was too old for the cards and the TV show however my little brother was their target audience so there was a lot of Pokemon talk in my house. I played the video game with him on the N64 and eventually got REALLY in to the Gameboy Advance version which I still play to this day. In fact I recently purchased an old Nintendo DS to play the game only for Pokemon Go to be released a couple of months later and the franchise be totally reborn.

It feels bizarre to me that I’ve lived through such an amazing evolution of technology, I had a games console with wired controllers and now we have augmented reality on our PHONES.. it’s insane! The game knows where I am and I’m walking through the real world to play it, encountering fellow gamers along the way. The general concept is so mind blowing to this 80s child I couldn’t not be entirely sucked in by it. As this goes live I’ll be in New York where I’m hugely excited to play and catch Pokemon and see how the game differs from my small home town.


What I have encountered a lot of in the short time the game has been online is judgement. It’s kind of mad to me that anyone would care about a game that someone else is playing but it’s been dubbed as childish, ridiculous, dangerous even and there’s a general vibe of ‘I just don’t get it’ from a lot of people who, well.. just don’t get it. If someone said they’d stayed home and powered through 3 seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix that would be met with a more positive reaction than ‘I walked 4 miles catching Pokemon yesterday’. I personally don’t get the fascination with Candy Crush but I’m not about to call people stupid for playing it!

The only difference can be the social media attention Pokemon Go has garnered that is irritating people. I felt a little of this during Love Island, I’ve never watched an episode but the number of people talking about it in my twitter feed made me HATE it! Totally irrational but I think I can relate to the Pokemon No crowd via this analogy.

As a stay at home blogger (i.e.: not an event attending blogger) I am not particularly active, I am home most days and the most exercise I get is walking the dog when Lee isn’t around but this game has had me out and about more than ever before and excited to get moving to level up and achieve goals. Ok there are people that have gotten in to trouble playing because they have zero common sense or awareness of their surroundings but you can’t blame the game for that.. it’s modern day natural selection.

At the end of the day it’s just a game, it’s a huge game that I can’t believe is a reality in my lifetime and has the potential to get even better but it’s just a game.. do we need to fall out over it? Do we need to judge others because of how they choose to spend their free time?. I’m 30 years old and I enjoy it, my Mum is 56 and she’s been playing too.. as has my 4 year old. The only reason to care if someone else is playing it and you’re entirely disinterested is because you feel left out of something. Well that’s me when everyone’s talking about Game Of Thrones and Downton Abbey.. you do you and let me do me!

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