August Style Challenge

Some of you may know that I started writing a book at the beginning of the year and it’s been taking up a huge amount of my spare time and head space. In the same way that I occasionally take a month to vlog every day; to dust off the cobwebs and renew my enthusiasm for what I’m doing,  I’m going to be posting my outfits every day in August to remind myself why I’m writing and what I want to share.

On top of that I think we could all do with some outfit inspo in this sticky heat, couldn’t we? I have had to learn how to adapt my holiday wardrobe to every day living without buying too much more summer stuff and I thought this challenge might push me to wear more that 3 outfits on rotation. If you feel like joining in I’m going to be using my diaryofaspendaholic instagram (tag me in your posts) and reposting my favourites to stories!

If you’d rather join in on facebook I have a community group where you can share posts/pictures questions too!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #AUGUSTSTYLEDIARY


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