Changing Room Tales – Zara

I spent an OUTRAGEOUS amount of time in Meadowhall on Wednesday night shopping for Summer clothes and since I was trying SO much on I thought I’d document for you. I literally only do this to justify spending time shopping as ‘work’ so thanks in advance for allowing me to write off that entire evening as super productive. I even filmed a shopping vlog for your viewing pleasure:

But the rest is a photo diary of my Zara experience..

Do you shop in Zara? I always find it so expensive and not really built for my body but there were a couple of things I really liked this time.

Printed Dress – £29.99

Knotted Dress – £25.99

Soft Touch Jumpsuit – £29.99

Striped Midi Dress – £25.99

Dress With Ring Detail – £39.99

Knitted Halterneck – £17.99

Dotted Mesh Blouse – £25.99

Yellow Heeled Sandals – £39.99

Cropped Trousers – -£19.99


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4 thoughts on “Changing Room Tales – Zara”

  1. I pop in to Zara from time to time but never find anything and think it’s really over-hyped. Enjoyed the video though!

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