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Prior to spotting this online and adding it to my Superdrug order I hadn’t seen anything like it before. A brow powder in liquid liner form was interesting and since I’m darker these days I didn’t need to worry quite so much about colour so I went for it. I honestly can’t forsee a time where I will crave blonde roots again after how easy it’s been to do my brows recenty, I spent WAY more time and money than I care to admit searching for the perfect ash blonde brow in the past so to be able to pick up an inexpensive, innovative product like this without fear of it being too orange is refreshing!

IMG_1502It’s effectively a loose powder in the tube with a traditional liner applicator so it can get a bit messy (I wouldn’t advise you do this while wearing a light coloured outfit) but that wasn’t a major issue for me just something to note as I did see fallout on my desk from time to time. The powder is pigmented enough to make fast work of filling in your brows but not really one of those ‘a little goes a long way products’ – I think mine look much more natural here than I anticipated. I love the effect/finish of using powder to define but anything where I need a seperate brush is reserved for special occasions for me so I usually don’t do it but this is ideal. An all in one product for those among you who are just as lazy and CBA as I am! It lasts as long as any powder product would, not a bulletproof brow by any means but a softer no fuss brow. Thumbs up from me 👍




  1. 7 June, 2016 / 2:57 pm

    Your brow looks really natural here! Glad there is someone that can do there brows naturally still around! I fail at filling in my brows full-stop…

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