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It’s happened. I’ve embraced the fact that many of my readers are Mums and as such I am talking to you.. about children. I’m sorry. It happened so slowly I barely noticed but here we are. Today I’m sharing a snack I’ve made a couple of times and most recently one I let Milo make on his own. I (obviously) had to do the cooking bit but the rest is very kid-friendly and a great way to let them make a mess without it getting too out of control. I’m certain my husband has instilled this ‘neat stress’ in me and I don’t love it. I’m not naturally tidy but as I type this there’s lego scattered all over the living room floor and I think I’m developing a facial tick.

I digress, here’s the recipe..

You need 4 Bowls/plates – 1 for breadcrumbs, 1 for the beaten eggs, 1 for the chopped up mozzarella and 1 for the finished product pre-cooking. To make the breadcrumbs I use my hand blender in a bowl but you can buy them ready made if you wish. You can also add seasoning to taste, since they were for the kids I stuck to salt and pepper but you can go for anything – check out this post for some KFC style season-spiration.

There is so little to explain if you’re already familiar with ‘breading’ things (meat and such) but if not, you dip the mozzarella in the egg, then in the breadcrumbs and repeat until it’s totally covered. You can toast your breadcrumbs in the oven (scatter on a baking tray and bake for 5-10 mins) for a more golden/crispy finish but I wanted to make this as simple as possible and let Milo feel like he was making something entirely himself.

Once he’d piled up his dippers I transferred them to the frying pan. This is tricky but I find flash frying them in batches on a very high heat works best. The key is to cook the outside before melting the inside and it is a balancing act I am yet to perfect. The way I did it was to fry them for 30 seconds to a minute then put them on some kitchen roll to cool and move on to the next. I rotated until they were crispy but still intact. The first time I made them it was a mess! Cheese is gooey at high temps at the best of times but mozzarella is the gooeyist. That being said it’s really not that difficult and no matter how they turn out, they will be delicious. I served them with heated ‘pizza sauce’ ..which I would recommend. Yum!

Have you tried Mozzarella sticks/dippers from scratch? What method did you use?


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