It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!


I’m the BIGGEST Christmas fan, I really am but the most wonderful time of the year.. is SEPTEMBER! When I was a kid it was the back to school buzz, now I’m an adult it’s the buzz of my own children going back to school, getting out of the house and giving me some time to WORK! One thing I know about myself is that I work best when I really appreciate the time I have. I’m a major procrastinator and if you give me a week to do something you had best believe I’ll be finishing it at midnight on Sunday but when I have no time at all I’m always super motivated. I have been dying to get back to work all summer but between the kids, the dogs and my parents (who live with us) there hasn’t been one day when I’ve had the house to myself.

Knowing myself the way I do I didn’t just allow myself days and days each week to get shit done, I’ve planned an insane amount of travel (to meetings/events, not like travel, travel) and added in some overtime at my office job to give me just one day a week for blogging/YouTube. Last Wednesday was my first filming day in months and usually I would sit down, have some breakfast, watch some TV, check social media, respond to comments and let it turn 12 before I pull out the camera. This time I sat in one spot filming and editing solidly from drop off to pick up.

I try to trick my lazy brain like this all the time but it only lasts so long and I think this is why (in my mind) September is the MOST productive month for me. October rolls around and I catch on to myself and start wasting time again.. but I start with the best intentions. Beside the productivity and the fresh start feeling September also brings a new season! We can all stop worrying about bikini bodies and cellulite cause it’s thick tights, unflattering, chunky knits and blanket scarves from here til Spring. It’s most peoples favourite season for a reason, the weather becomes more predictable (this week is not a great example) you get to wear COATS again and lets face it, we’re on countdown to Christmas now, right? Maybe that’s just me..

Now we’ve established that this is infact the most wonderful time of the year, what is it about September and the start of Autumn that makes it so wonderful for you?

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