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You may have caught my YouTube haul last week but for those who didn’t I thought I’d share some snaps of the seasonal goodies I picked up earlier this month. I’m never THAT into LUSH until the holiday collections and this year I think I prefer the Valentines stuff to the Christmas selection. Everything smells sweet, looks cute but ISN’T COVERED IN GLITTER! The one thing that has had a glitter overload is my beloved Rose Jam Bubbleroon.. what’s that all about??


I obviously had to pick up a couple of the emoji bubble bars (Lovestruck) and the Unicorn Horn for the kids – both are huge LUSH addicts but I tend to choose bubble bars because you get a few uses from them – but there were a few bath bombs that caught my eye this time around. French Kiss smells amazing, rosemary and lavender in a pretty purple and white swirl, quite possibly my favourite of the bunch and one I really hope they consider making permanent.  Rose Bombshell created the brightest pink bath I’ve ever had and rose petals emerged from the centre.. I have a feeling I have tried this before, the scent is really familiar but perhaps it looked different? Lover Lamp I’m saving for Valentines Day itself because I’ve seen pictures and it seems too cute not to. We have zero plans for Tuesday night (I think we will celebrate later in the week) so my festive treat will be a bathtub filled with little hearts..

LUSH VALENTINESThe last thing I picked up was ‘Two Hearts Beating As One’ but I used it before I had chance to take pictures.. it’s two solid heart shaped bath oils that slot together, I love oils and given that aside from the big show I don’t often feel like a bath bomb really does much for my skin or my mood I tend to reach for the products that give me tangible benefits. My favourite bath bomb has to be butterball for that reason, it does smell delicious – I love me some shea butter – but I can feel a little residue on my skin when I get out of the tub and it makes me feel a little less like a saddo in her 30s wasting money on colourful baths..

Have you succumbed to any of the V-Day specials?


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