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IMG_7216You know I love my TMI topics and for some reason, normal as they are I’ve always felt like feet are the last taboo. Nobody really wants to talk about their feet but we all want them to be soft and smooth, don’t we? I recently trialled some products that claim to help with that.. and I know some of you have spotted the odd one out in the image above.. don’t worry, I’ll get to that!

First up is the Bare Foot foot scrub, something I enjoyed as a first step and that I think used regularly on not too hobbit-like feet might actually help keep them in check but for ME wasn’t going to cut it alone. Second I used the Scholl Velvet Smooth gadget (currently on offer in a gift set with 2 Revlon polishes) which in essence is a motorised foot file. I wasn’t convinced this would be any better than a regular file BUT holy moly it’s awesome!! If you’re super lazy like me it’s something you can use while watching TV with ridiculously minimal effort.. I even filed my feet with one hand while editing a video with the other.. it’s like having your own personal pedicure robot! The Soothing Foot Lotion from Superdrug has been my go to final step after filing because again, it’s so easy. The texture is unique, very thin, absorbs quickly but feels hydrating. Not something you’re going to be able to massage in but it’s a quick step before bed and you don’t need to worry about hanging your feet out of the covers til the cream sinks in.. c’mon, I know that’s not just me.

So on to the odd product out, Vicks. For years people I work with have been telling me (when I get my annual obnoxious cold and they’re passive aggressively telling me to ‘shut to **** up by way of giving me medical advice) to put Vicks on my feet.. wtf? For the longest time I’ve assumed it’s some kind of prank, I’ve read about it online and only heard positive things but it just seems like one elaborate hoax to me. But enough is enough, the cold is back and I’m over it.. the Vicks is going on my feet tonight and I will be reporting back as to whether or not this REALLY works. In the meantime if you’ve tried this I’d love to know.. that being said if you tell me it works I’ll suspect you’ve been paid off by my colleagues..

IMG_7223 No party feet post would be complete without a mention to the shoe saviours that are gel pads and blister plasters. Now full disclosure, I’ve never actually used a blister plaster and it’s a bit of a revelation to me.. I thought they were a similar thing to the gel cushions but they’re actually plasters for blisters. I know I sound daft but I had no idea.. I’m almost looking forward to my next blister so I can use these now! The heel shields and foot cushions however have been long time loves of mine, whether it’s to pad out a pair of slightly too big shoes or to cushion a new pair I’m breaking in I wouldn’t be without them in my wardrobe!

If you’d like to see my chat about this and share some rather horrific feet stories you can watch my accompanying video here.. but if you’re squeamish you might want to avoid that one 😉 – Feel free to share your own party feet essentials in the comments! Find more information about the products mentioned online here

Miss BBGetAttachment.aspx* Get your feet ready to dance their way through the party season. Whether it’s some gel cushions for your new strappy high heels or a lotion to massage dry skin, Superdrug have a range of products help pamper and comfort your feet. Visit us in store or at today.

*Compensation was provided by Superdrug via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Superdrug.



  1. Helen Davey
    11 December, 2015 / 5:09 pm

    I slept with my feet covered in Vicks last night and got a cough free night after being very disturbed the night before! I think it works because the warmth gets the vapours going but more subtly than when you put it on your chest. Added bonus – soft feet in the morning! If you don’t wear socks it is very messy though.

  2. Anne
    11 December, 2015 / 10:10 pm

    You so made me buy this Scholl foot file….and I’m loving it!
    My feet were so bad in the last time, so I was easily convinced that I had to try this and just after one use I had amazing results.

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