PAX Planning

One of the things that most excited me when we moved in to this house was designing my own Pax wardrobe system from IKEA. I actually assembled it (with the help of a friend) day ONE and have never regretted the investment.

I’ve added elements over the years like extra drawers, lighting and pull outs and when thinking of what to do with the room when we move in to the master next year, the one thing I knew was the wardrobe was staying.

I’ve been considering adding to it and when I found myself on the site today (always dangerous on payday!!) an extra wardrobe, drawers and shelving fell in to my basket – and it would seem the delivery drivers are twiddling their thumbs in lockdown part 2 because it will apparently be here TOMORROW!!

This is still our bedroom right now so I’m jumping the dressing room (or ‘CLOFFICE’) gun a little but I’ve gone for the shallow 35cm unit (100cm wide) to extend what we already have in to a corner or sorts. I’m not sure whether doors will be viable, so for the time being I’m leaving them off and the TV we have on the wall will sit on a shelf inside. I don’t think I’ll have a TV in that room anyway so if I hate it – no big deal.

I’m also moving some drawers that I have in to another section so the overlapped portion will be mostly hanging and things I need less often but I will share some before shots with you when I have time tomorrow – before (hopefully) I get to building the new one.

I LOVE IKEA, I LOVE STORAGE and I love re-roganising things so as lockdown projects go this is high on my fun list but it’s also a little something I can do towards our new old home before Mum and Dad move to their new place.

A productive distraction, I’ll call it.

Also, these images from the IKEA site aren’t quite right – I gave up on it because the whole ‘build your wardrobe’ widget was buggy AF but it gives me an idea of what it might look like and the extra space I’ll have.

We currently have white panelled doors that we never fitted hardware to so that’s another thing to think about – maybe I’ll put on some handles for a little refresh. Ahhhh… who doesn’t enjoy letting their mind run away with itself on a rainy friday afternoon?


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  1. Victoria
    21 November, 2020 / 3:01 pm

    We are hopefully moving into our house soon (after five longgggg months of waiting!) and I cannot WAIT to finally get my PAX wardrobe (I started planning it back at the beginning of the year!). STORAGE HEAVEN!

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