PS Insta Girl Lip Glow in Follower #30lipsin30days

I bought this purely out of curiosity. I thought it might be one of those lipsticks that reacts with heat and is different on everyone. I don’t think it’s that but it’s a nice tinted balm that came just as my lips decided they couldn’t take another matte lipstick. It wasn’t super even but I’m going to blame the condition of my lips for that one and it did give a nice wash of colour. I think in another shade I might really like it but this blue/pink isn’t for me.

I think it’s intended to be a dupe for the Dior tinted balms (are they also called Lip Glow, I think they are) but it’s not quite as hydrating. I wouldn’t say this replaced a balm at all, actually. Although the texture is balmy and the colur is sheer it’s not particularly nourishing. Consider it a lipstick for days when you don’t want to wear lipstick… or maybe don’t consider it at all because I picked this up on sale for £1 so that may well mean they’re no longer available

*sorry*S Insta Girl Lip Glow in Follower


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