Seeing Red



We’re days away from September which in my household kicks off the CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN (don’t shoot) so all I can think about right now is red accents and black outfits. I just picked up the H&M bomber jacket (inspired by Aria’s jacket on this weeks PLL) and I’m a biscuit away from biting the bullet on the Gucci bag that I’ve lusted after for an age after reading it’s being discontinued!!!  I kicked my candle addiction in January after repainting my living room and being horrified at the soot on the walls but I’ve recently fallen back in love with burning my B&BW favourites and would LOVE to finally try something from Diptyque. I don’t think I could actually spend £50 on a full size candle (literally burning money) but I might try a mini one. I’ve really enjoyed summer this year more than I usually do, the weather has been pretty good for England but I’m ready for Autumn now. Prepare yourself for some vampy lip and nail posts coming your way very soon..

We got back from New York on Thursday but I’ve spent most of the time since then helping my parents to sort out their house to put on the market so I haven’t settled in to my blogging routine yet but I have a TON of holiday pictures to share. If you haven’t already seen it, my first NYC vlog has gone up and I’ve been filling up my instagram feed with some of my favourite shots so if you want to see what we got up to in the meantime you can check those out. Did I mention we’re going to be moving in to a new house WITH my Mum & Dad? I know I’ve talked about it in vlogs but I don’t know whether I have here.. As we get closer to the move I will a little more as I’ve had a LOT of questions and opinions about the decision both online and in real life. Given that I know we will be packing up again in the (hopefully) not too distant future I should PROBABLY not be buying ANYTHING new… BUT.. 😉



  1. Bee
    29 August, 2016 / 9:46 am

    Not going to comment on the C word – it’s much too early for me. I’m a bit addicted to candles and buy mine at TK Maxx because they are so much cheaper and you get some really lovely ones from other countries like Serenity from Australia – fab! And try Soy based candles for a lot less soot.

  2. Keely
    29 August, 2016 / 12:19 pm

    Bonus! My 14year old daughter bought that checked shirt last year and has passed it on to her old mum!! Am wondering is it wrong for me to wear teenage daughters cast offs? When does this become a no no??

  3. xxxxclairexxxx
    29 August, 2016 / 12:55 pm

    We start our countdown now too! Well some of my friends and I anyway. Husband not so much. Keep the autumn/winter/Christmas chat coming!

    I highly recommend Diptyque candles. I have a long standing addiction and there are many ingenious ways to justify the cost to yourself. The history of the brand, the iconic design, that life is short?!

    When the candle is gone the jars make lovely tea light or make up brush holders (imagine!) and look amazing with flowers in too.

    When I first moved to London at 24 I was living in a hostel. On day one I went marching down to SpaceNK for my first Diptyque. Figuier. Watching it burn from the safety of the top bunk (safest place because of the cockroaches) in my awful room is one of my fondest memories. Do it! X

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