#30in30 Burts Bees Hawaiian Smoulder

So since we all know what I think of these Burts Bees lip crayons but I had another one to show you I thought I’d enlist my friend, Emma’s help. I have read such good reviews of this product online and a few of you commented on my last post saying you loved the lip crayons and really enjoyed the texture (madness!) so I thought a second opinion might bring some balance. I didn’t tell Emma how I felt about the product ahead of time (and she hadn’t read my review) so these were her first impressions.

“When you first apply the first thing you notice is the waxy smell. The balmy type lipsticks that I love usually have some sort of sweet or fruity scent this was just waxy. I guess the clue is in the name ‘crayon’. The wax theme continued as I applied onto my lips. It does feel kinda balm like but much much heavier than I’m used to. I applied a couple of layers to get the really bold colour that I like. The colour is something that I really loved about this. Bold and Summery that can also be used as a transitional from summer to winter before all the plum colours start arriving. In terms of staying power the outcome is not so great. I applied this before I left Khila’s and about and hour or so into our journey home I noticed it started to become patchy and I had this urge to wipe it off – I started to really notice the waxiness at this point. I persevered and it lasted say 2 hours tops before I reapplied. We then had something to eat and …. Gone… No staying power. All in all would I buy this? Probably not the crayon. Maybe if they created a sheen, balm like nourishing lipstick and I may reconsider, I guess with everything it’s personal choice. Great colour though.”

I also love the colour on Emma but unfortunately that’s the only positive. You can check out Emma’s blog and YouTube channel here.. oh and if you’re interested, you can check out our latest StyleOnToast video HERE in which we chat about online ‘perfection’ and how edited snapshots of our lives on social media are affecting our perceptions.

Miss BB



  1. jenny
    13 July, 2015 / 11:07 pm

    I tried my first one at the weekend and I did not find it waxy in the slightest!

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